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AM General JLTV A2 Prototype

AM General JLTV A2 Prototype at AUSA 23 in Washington DC [© AM General]

AM General last night released an official photo of its JLTV A2 Prototype, which was unveiled at the AUSA Exposition in Washington in October.


On the evening of 19 December 2023 AM General uploaded the accompanying photo of the first JLTV A2 prototype to social media with the following description:-

“This is the first JLTV A2 prototype unveiled at the Association of the United States Army – AUSA ‘s Annual Meeting and Exposition back in October. The AM General JLTV A2’s evolution brings with it a large number of improvements including upgraded powertrain, electrical systems, noise reduction, and Improved corrosion protection over its predecessor.”


Background: In August 2015 Oshkosh Defence was selected for the initial eight year JLTV (Joint Light Tactical Vehicle) production contract. In February 2022, in response to US Congress having earlier mandated a recompete to bring down costs, a Presolicitation Notice was issued for a five years plus five years option follow-on (JLTV A2) contract. Two companies, Oshkosh Defence and AM General, submitted bids. On 09 February 2023 AM General LLC was awarded a $230,874,512 contract for JLTV A2 production and at the time it was stated that deliveries were expected to begin 17 months after contract award; i.e. July 2024.

Externally, the JLTV A2 prototype displayed at AUSA 23 does not appear to be markedly different from the current in-service Oshkosh JLTV, with the one noticeable exception being the redesigned radiator grille panel, which has styling parallels with that on the AM General HMMWV or Humvee, and its surrounds.

Comparison photo of in-service Oshkosh JLTV deployed to Europe, May 2023 [© Bob Morrison]


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