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PAC-3 Intercepts Target Using Lockheed Martin RIG-360

PAC-3 illustration [Lockheed Martin press release image ]

PAC-3 intercepts target in successful test of Lockheed Martin Remote Interceptor Guidance -360 (RIG-360) capability.


News Release, White Sands Missile Range, 23 November 2022: For the first time, the US Army used a newly developed Lockheed Martin communication technology to help a PAC-3 missile intercept a cruise missile target.

During the US Army Integrated Flight Test-2, the prototype missile communication device known as Remote Interceptor Guidance – 360 (RIG-360) successfully communicated with an in-flight PAC-3 missile to test its data link capabilities. RIG-360 enables a 360-degree PAC-3 engagement capability utilising target data from various sensors.

“This successful test confirms our RIG-360 prototype as one of the many ways we continue to deliver technology to ensure our customers stay ahead of the full spectrum of 21st century threats,” said Scott Arnold, vice president,Integrated Air and Missile Defense, Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control.


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