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HENSOLDT Showcases Land Solutions At DVD 2022

SETAS on the IVECO MUV or Military Utility Vehicle [© Hensoldt]

HENSOLDT showcases its land solutions for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance plus sensors to improve safety and effectiveness at DVD 2022.


Press Release, Enfield, 16 September 2022: Sensor solutions specialist HENSOLDT will be showcasing its broad portfolio, which includes solutions for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance operations, and sensors to improve safety and operational effectiveness. Visit HENSOLDT’s stand at DVD on 21-22 September, for more information on its latest technology offerings in Radar, Optronics, self-protection and C2 solutions for defence and security applications.

HENSOLDT will present advanced solutions for the armoured vehicle sector, such as MUSS – Multi-functional Self-protection System and SETAS – See Through Armour System. SETAS is a key element of HENSOLDT’s land portfolio and is a high performance Local Situational Awareness System (LSAS) for armoured vehicles, such as armoured personnel carriers, reconnaissance vehicles, engineering support vehicles and main battle tanks. The system is designed to provide all the crew with a real time panoramic view of what is outside the vehicle. In addition to the system’s 360° coverage in azimuth, a high vertical field of view provides awareness of potential threats from above, such as those encountered when operating in urban environments. The system supports detection and identification of threats such as snipers or RPGs, so that when soldiers have to disembark, they know exactly what awaits them outside, which is extremely advantageous when operating in a contested environment.

SETAS on FOXHOUND [© Bob Morrison]

HENSOLDT will also present its TRML-4D air defence and weapon location radar and its Twinvis passive radar, as well as its portable battlefield solutions SPEXER 360 and 600 radars, all of which are designed to provide excellent performance in all weather conditions. A selection of boresights, weapon sights and other high-performance optics will also be showcased. HENSOLDT’s CxEye Command and Control (C2) Software will be featured as well. This modular system combines and integrates numerous sensors (radar, electro-optics, direction finders) and target neutralisation effectors such as jammers and drone catchers.

Rohan Dearlove, Business Development Director, said : “HENSOLDT exhibited at DVD 2018 and now that COVID has subsided, we are delighted to be back once more to participate in this prestigious event. Our UK footprint has expanded through the intervening years through investment in our UK facilities and SQEP, and we relish the opportunity to showcase best-in-class technologies relevant to the British Army’s current requirements and future programmes.”


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