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SAVOX Tactical Communication Sets For Asian Defence Force

[image ©Savox]

Savox of Finland has signed a contract for almost 10,000 pieces of tactical communication solutions sets with an Asian national defence force.


Press Release, Espoo, 18 August 2022: Savox has signed a contract for almost 10 000 pieces of Tactical communication solutions with a National Defence Force in Asia. Tactical communication solutions consist of Tactical Hearing Protectors and Control products which are needed when situational awareness is shared in hectic and time-critical environments.

This contract is one of the largest Tactical communication product line deals in the history of Savox. The set included Savox TRICS Lite, Savox Noise-COM 100, radio cables, and a carry pouch. This contract is a significant opportunity for this product family and guarantees a brilliant future for these products.

“This deal is important for us for a number of reasons. It shows our competitiveness with regard to new products which are lately launched on the market. This deal is already the second big tactical side project that Savox wins in Asia. We strongly believe in our potential to become the world’s leading provider of tactical communication solutions,’’ explains Jerry Kettunen, CEO, Savox Communications.


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