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Indra Electronic Defence Systems For Type 212CD

Type 212CD submarine illustration [image via Indra]

Indra will equip the six Type 212CD submarines of the Norwegian and German navies with next generation electronic defence systems.


Press Release, Madrid, 29 June 2022: [auto-translated] Indra, a leading global technological engineering company for the aerospace, defence and mobility sectors, has been awarded contracts from the Norwegian company Kongsberg Defense & Aerospace for more than 70 million euros to equip the combat systems of the future Type 212CD (Common Design) submarines with intelligent electronic defence systems that incorporate state-of-the-art technologies, and with navigation radars with low probability of interception, which ensure maximum capabilities to fulfil each mission and accelerate the decision making.

The CEO of Indra, Ignacio Mataix, states: “With these contracts, Indra reinforces its position as one of the great European leaders in cutting-edge technological engineering for platforms that will mark the future of defence, thereby contributing to the sovereignty and autonomy of Europe. At Indra we work on the digitalisation of the most advanced armies in the world and prepare them to face the new challenges that will arise in the coming decades”.

The company will equip the four Norwegian Navy submarines and the two acquired by the German Navy with an innovative electronic intelligence system based on broadband signal interception and analysis, interferometry to determine the position of potential threats, and digital reception technology. for the generation of radar and communications intelligence. Through artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques, the system incorporates the ability to adapt to future threats. It is also a system with a combined antenna on an integrated mast that optimises the use of the platform.

For its part, the X-band radar is Indra’s commitment to equip submarines with dual continuous-wave and pulsed-wave radars with high detection precision and a low probability of being detected. It is a completely digitised system, in solid state, with great frequency agility and high bandwidth, capable of detecting targets with a very small radar section under the worst electromagnetic noise conditions, resisting enemy attempts to interfere in its operation. This suite of Indra systems will be integrated into Kongsberg’s ORCCA combat system and will play a key role in providing situational awareness above that of the adversary.

Indra is part of this project with the experience of having equipped the previous version of this same submarine model, the Type 212A, with which the German, Italian and Portuguese navies operate, with its systems. The company is now joining an ambitious international project that allows it to establish a strategic relationship with the Norwegian company Kongsberg Defense & Aerospace (KDA).


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