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General Dynamics at Modern Day Marine 2022

GDLS Multi-Utility Tactical Transport or MUTT [© General Dynamics]

General Dynamics is to demonstrate innovative solutions at Modern Day Marine 2022 in Washington DC from 10th to 12th May.


Press Release, Reston, 06 May 2022: Two General Dynamics business units will participate in Modern Day Marine 2002 in Washington DC to demonstrate how elements of their extensive portfolio of products and services can help advance the US Marine Corps’ vision to build a more capable force to face current and future threats.

General Dynamics Land Systems solutions demonstrated:-

  • Advanced Reconnaissance Vehicle (ARV): Our team at Modern Day Marine will be able to discuss breakthroughs with the transformational ARV capabilities being developed for the Marine Corps.
  • Light Armored Vehicle (LAV) Electrical System Modification (ESM) kit: The LAV ESM kit enables increased vehicle power with minimal impact to the baseline electrical system. Featuring a more powerful alternator, the LAV ESM includes Land Systems’ high-powered distribution unit for increased power distribution.
  • Multi-Utility Tactical Transport (MUTT): The robotic wheeled MUTT will be on display in the booth at Modern Day Marine. MUTT has proved to be a rugged, reliable, V-22-transportable small-unit force multiplier that provides increased persistence, protection and projection of combat power. MUTT is a semi-autonomous robotic platform that reduces physical burden on Marines and can be equipped with an array of modular mission payloads. The MUTT uses unique methods of control, such as the Dismount Following Tether (DFT) or the easy-to-use One-Handed Controller, which minimise Marines’ physical and cognitive loads during missions. The MUTT was selected by the US Army in July 2020 for the Small Multipurpose Equipment Transport (SMET) program, and production deliveries begin in 2022.
GDMS Common Hardware System-5 [© General Dynamics]

General Dynamics Mission Systems solutions demonstrated:-

  • Small Form Factor Command & Control Node (SFF C2): As the “ready now” solution for the Expeditionary Advanced Base Operations command and control, the Marine Corps has conducted numerous experiments and user assessments of the Small Form Factor Command and Control (SFF C2) node. The SFF C2 provides the Marine Corps virtualised, platform agnostic, highly deployable C2 nodes that are COTS-based and designed to military standards with battle-tested hardware capabilities. The SFF C2 integrates customer developed software architectures and proven enablers to scale to any mission need.
  • Marine Corps Live Training: The Training, Testing, & Efficiency Solutions business area at General Dynamics Mission Systems is a key partner with the Marine Corps in modernising its training base as the Marines pivot their operational focus as outlined in Force Design 2030. Our goal is to provide the Marine Corps increased training effectiveness and optimisation of their training dollars and training hours through the CPM Plus contract. Examples include federating existing Marine Corps individual, collective and staff training simulations, force-on-force training, and training range scenario development.
  • Battle Management Demonstration: Mission Systems will feature a live demonstration of its battle management applications that empower tactical leaders to efficiently analyse, plan, rehearse, execute, and review strategic operations. Backed by an innovative, resilient network solution, our GeoSuite solutions utilises an intuitive map-centric interface including unique multimedia tools, advanced planning capabilities, and visualisations specifically focused on the operational environment. With a focus on rapid dissemination and sharing of critical information, GeoSuite delivers real-time actionable intelligence and situational data in Disconnected, Intermittent, and Limited (DIL) environments.
  • Electronic Warfare: Mission Systems will feature a selection of its electronic warfare products that provide users with the capability to quickly detect, locate and identify a wide range of signals in the electromagnetic spectrum to quickly deliver the right information at the right time for situational awareness. The Tactical Electronic Warfare System (TEWS) is a dedicated all-weather, 24-hour, ground tactical electronic support and electronic attack system that provides the commander with options to create multiple dilemmas to a designing enemy by decreasing the sensor to shooter timeline.
  • Common Hardware Systems-5 (CHS-5): Common Hardware Systems-5 (CHS-5) provides US military customers rapid, affordable access to a wide range of COTS computing and network equipment for tactical operations. General Dynamics provides technical assistance and logistics support for a wide range of services, from the rapid repair and replacement of equipment at strategically located Regional Support Centers, to the deployment of field service personnel to CHS-5 user locations worldwide. Available to all military services and across the federal government, CHS-5 contract is a “one stop shop” for tactical IT hardware solutions that now features a new Basic Purchase Option for greater ease of use.
  • GPS Source Assured Position, Navigation and Timing (APNT) and GPS Data Transmission: APNT and GPS signal retransmission solutions such as the Mounted Assured PNT (MAPS GEN-1) solution and the ECHO-II Smart Repeater provide critical timing and position data in GPS denied and degraded environments. MAPS GEN-1, based on the GPS Source SENTRySCOUT system, provides valid and APNT data, independent of the availability or integrity of GPS signals. The core of the MAPS GEN-1 system, the ED3 PNT Hub, is widely utilised in a variety of ground vehicle applications and is the lead platform for Military GPS User Equipment (MGUE) making the ED3 your path to M-Code. MAPS GEN-1 is currently being fielded by the Army and the next generation of APNT system is currently in development. When GPS indoor transmission is the primary concern, the ECHO-II is a reliable signal repeater ideal for ground vehicles, aircraft, and buildings when time-to-first-fix is critical.
  • TACDS – Tactical Cross Domain Solutions: Fast, efficient, real-time data transfer is essential to the multi-domain battle. TACDS brings safe and secure information sharing to the tactical edge, now supporting multiple streams of high definition (HD), full-motion video (FMV) transfer along with dozens of message formats. As a small size, weight and power, tamper-resistant cross domain solution, TACDS is ideal for vehicle, mobile shelter, ground sensor system, aircraft, UAV, and soldier-worn applications. Assessed and accredited against NSA’s Raise the Bar requirements, TACDS brings security to mission communications across all domains.
  • Advanced Vetronics Systems: General Dynamics Mission Systems—Canada’s suite of advanced vetronics capabilities includes high-definition displays, embedded computing, low-latency video management, intelligent fire control and stabilisation, networking, power, and communication. With real-time situational awareness, high-performance computing, and built-in cyber protection, our solutions are tailored for mission success. Using a modular open standards approach and a scalable framework, our advanced technologies come with decades-long lifecycle support so that your critical systems stand the test of time.


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