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DSIT Solutions at Indo Pacific 2022

Terrain Dominance Solution [© DSIT]

DSIT Solutions will present its advanced underwater sonar and acoustic solutions at Indo Pacific 2022 in Sydney from May 10-12.


Press Release, Tel Aviv, 06 May 2022: DSIT Solutions, a leading developer and manufacturer of cutting-edge maritime defence and security solutions, will present its advanced underwater sonar and acoustic solutions at Indo Pacific 2022. The company’s unique systems meet the complex needs of a wide range of Defence, Security and HLS missions.

Among the solutions to be presented at the exhibition are: a sonar-based protection suite for ports, harbours, and other offshore and inshore-based strategic assets; Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW), Coastal Domain Awareness Sonar (CDAS) systems that detect submarines and other submersible threats at a very long range; and, wide- and medium-area coverage Diver Detection Sonar (DDS) systems that autonomously and automatically inspect, detect, classify and alert on potential underwater threats such as divers and vehicles.

ASW suite for surface vessels [© DSIT]

DSIT’s comprehensive and cost-effective ASW suite for ships – designed to fit on OPVs, Corvettes and Frigates – addresses all underwater threats, automatically detecting and tracking submarines, midget submarines, UUVs and torpedoes. Also on display will be the company’s Portable Acoustic Range system which measures the radiated noise of submarines and surface vessels in real time.

Mr. Hanan Marom, DSIT’s VP Marketing and Business Development, said, “We are very pleased to be participating in this important exhibition, and to present our range of advanced solutions that – thanks to their AI and Machine Learning capabilities – enable simple operation and have minimal maintenance requirements. These solutions are currently in use across five continents, supporting the protection of strategic assets, ports, and vessels. Together with our local partners, we look forward to providing Australia with these solutions, which will enhance the RAN’s defence and security capabilities through supply independence and the ongoing support of Aussie SMEs.”

Portable Acoustic Range system [© DSIT]


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