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BAE Systems Selected For US Air Force AHFRM

[illustration via BAE Systems]

The US Air Force has selected BAE Systems’ high frequency technology for its AHFRM radio modernisation effort.


Press Release, 24 March 2022: The US Air Force has selected BAE Systems, with support from FlexRadio, to provide software defined radios for its Airborne High Frequency Radio Modernization (AHFRM) programme. The contract, which has a value of $176 million, provides a secure alternative to satellite communication methods.

“Our airborne radios are scalable and designed for open architecture applications, making them a solution that’s ready for the Air Force’s future needs,” said Dave Logan, vice president and general manager of C4ISR Solutions at BAE Systems. “The evolving capabilities of threats in the modern battlefield call for an extensible, modernised anti-jam solution, which our product provides.”

The AHFRM solution maintains over-the-horizon communications while defeating jamming from potential threats in a drop-in compatible radio design that maximises FlexRadio’s commercial off-the-shelf technology. Its scalability, modularity, and capacity provisions for future modernization needs and adjacent operational requirements.

BAE Systems designs, manufactures, and supplies mission-critical communication systems for the US Department of Defense, allied governments, and large defence aircraft manufacturers. The company has secure, battle-proven communications solutions installed on a broad range of military airborne platforms. AHFRM development will take place at BAE Systems’ state-of-the-art facility in Fort Wayne, Ind.


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