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HGH Intrusion Detection and Identification At INTERSEC

HGH SPYNEL [© Bob Morrison]

HGH announces unmatched capabilities for its intrusion detection and identification solution for sensitive sites and critical infrastructures.


Press Release, Dubai, 16 January 2022: To mark the INTERSEC 2022 trade show held in Dubai, HGH, world-leader in electro-optics systems for security applications, announces enhanced capabilities for its intrusion detection and identification SPYNEL solution. Entirely designed for the security of sensitive sites, this fully integrated perimeter surveillance system allows, with a single sensor and a single interface, to obtain accurate detection, tracking and identification of multiple intrusions over the whole perimeter in real-time.

illustration © HGH

These new detection capabilities are possible thanks to a double innovation:

  • SPYNEL-M infrared panoramic camera can now be equipped with an additional panoramic channel, a visible one, in order to facilitate identification of the intrusion without needing to couple with external PTZ cameras. SPYNEL-M is the second camera on the market to offer this double panoramic channel, after SPYNEL-U, also used for security and long-distance surveillance applications.
  • CYCLOPE data analysis software, integrated in all SPYNEL surveillance solutions, has a new artificial intelligence algorithm: this deep learning module enables automatic recognition and classification of all types of detected intrusions: people, cars, RHIBs, swimmers… Thanks to a smart Behaviour Analysis, operators can configurate CYCLOPE software so that defined security actions are automatically triggered if abnormal behaviours are detected.

The success of SPYNEL intrusion detection solutions for critical infrastructure protection has led to the signing of new contracts in several European countries for the protection of gas compressor stations. For these Operators of Vital Importance (OVI), it is crucial to ensure permanent security on the entire perimeter, where no one can enter. For such configurations, a single SPYNEL-M was integrated in the middle of the perimeter, providing 360° coverage of the entire site on its own, with no blind zone and no need for coupling with other security systems.

Edouard Campana, Head of Wide Area Surveillance solutions at HGH, commented: “We are very proud of these latest innovations which allow us to stay in line with our customers’ needs. We provide a simple, highly performant and cost-effective system for the full protection of a large area. CYCLOPE software is not only powerful but also very flexible, as it can be fully integrated into any VMS used by our clients, thanks to the ONVIF module.”


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