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Rohde und Schwarz Extends RAAF Deployed Air Ops Capability

RAAF personnel raise the Transportable Air Operations Tower at RAAF Base Scherger in Queensland to commence operations on Exercise TALISMAN SABRE 2021 [© Commonwealth of Australia]

Rohde und Schwarz Australia is completing mid-life upgrades to the RAAF Transportable Air Operations Towers with the latest IP technology.


Press Release, Munich / Sydney, 09 November 2021: The first Transportable Air Operations Tower (TAOT), originally delivered in 2012, has rolled out of the Rohde & Schwarz Australia Systems Integration Facility following its major upgrade.

It will be delivered to the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) with completely modernised systems including internet protocol (IP) based voice communications and recording, airfield monitoring and control, network and time synchronisation. Other enhancements include an upgrade to IP radios, security hardening, provisioning of new interfaces, and new uninterrupted power supplies, air conditioning, and smoke detectors.

“We delivered the TAOT’s impressive capability to Air Force as prime systems integrator so we’re very proud to be continuing our relationship, ensuring that capability remains at the cutting edge of air traffic control technology,” said Rohde & Schwarz Australia Managing Director Gareth Evans. “I’m especially proud of our team who have managed to complete this complex upgrade despite significant resource constraints and supplier issues imposed by COVID-19.”

This upgrade will be rolled out across the TAOT fleet and forms the first tranche of the TAOT mid-life upgrade programme. “The TAOTs will continue to be modernised as part of a spiral upgrade programme to assure the capability and extend their service life to 2030 and beyond,” Mr. Evans continued.

A TAOT unit was recently deployed to RAAF Base Scherger in Far North Queensland during the biennial multinational exercise TALISMAN SABRE 2021. During Operation BUSHFIRE ASSIST in summer 2019-20 a TAOT assisted civilian and military aircraft conducting remote firefighting and humanitarian aid missions.

For more than three decades, Rohde & Schwarz Australia has designed and delivered highly secure and reliable mission-critical communications capabilities for air navigation service providers and Defence users within the region.


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