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UVision USA Cooperation Agreement With MAG Aerospace

UVision Hero-30 loitering munition [© UVision]

UVision USA has signed a cooperation agreement with MAG Aerospace to support US Forces in the operation of HERO Loitering Munitions.


Press Release, 18 October 2021: UVision USA continues to strengthen its operations in the US with the signing of a cooperation agreement with MAG Aerospace at the AUSA (Association of the United States Army) Annual Meeting.

Through this cooperation, UVision USA and MAG Aerospace will offer operational and training solutions for the HERO family of loitering munitions. MAG Aerospace will provide in-country resources, perform demonstrations, operational training, and support for UVision’s customers OCONUS (outside Continental US) and CONUS (Continental US).

“This agreement has come about in response to the growing need in the United States for HERO systems,” says Jim Truxel, CEO of UVision USA. “As part of the cooperation with MAG Aerospace, we will be able to provide local support for the company’s customers locally and around the globe. UVision USA operations will continue to expand.”

“MAG Aerospace brings a terrific reputation and demonstrated experience in providing similar services all over the world,” says Chief Growth Officer, Matt Bartlett, of MAG Aerospace. “Together with UVision’s advanced technological knowledge and its operationally-proven systems, we will be able to provide an operational advantage to American forces operating on and off the continent.”

The agreement was signed by Jim Truxel and Joe Fluet, CEO of MAG Aerospace, during the AUSA Annual Meeting on October 12.

About the HERO family: The HERO family of loitering munitions comprises several models. Designed for different missions, from short-to-medium and long ranges and flight times using various warheads, the HERO series of high-precision loitering munitions provides operational forces with combined intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance (ISR) and strike capabilities, enabling them to independently locate, track and engage time-sensitive, low-signature targets. These advanced munitions can loiter in the air in a clandestine manner for an extended period of time; locate and track the enemy; help to validate targets; and carry out a precise strike. The HERO system can abort an attack in mid-air, re-enter loitering mode, and then resume the attack, or re-assign targets, thus minimising collateral damage and providing operational forces with unsurpassed tactical flexibility on the modern battlefield.


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