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Pearson Engineering At US Army MSSPIX 21

Pearson Engineering UGV Modular Mission Pack [© Pearson Engineering]

Engineering Capability for an Unmanned World ~ Latest thinking from Pearson Engineering is showcased at US Army Experimentation MSSPIX 21 event.


Press Release, 11 October 2021: Pearson Engineering has revealed its latest developments for Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs) at the US Army’s Maneuver Support, Sustainment and Protection Integration Experiments 2021 (MSSPIX 21). The new approach from the company marks a determination to provide a wider range of mobility, counter-mobility, and survivability equipment to a broader range of armoured vehicle types, including multi-role unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs). The ‘Modular Mission Pack’ designed by Pearson Engineering, and on display at MSSPIX, is a prototype development to demonstrate the ‘art of the possible’ for the future of unmanned battlefield manoeuvre.

The prototype, subject to extensive research & development by the company, features a set of palletised, ground-engaging tools. In comparison to Pearson Engineering’s usual integration method to the front of the vehicle, the roof-mounted pallet allows UGVs like the Tracked Robot 10-ton (TRX), from General Dynamics Land Systems, to maintain high levels of mobility, keeping the overall mass of the combat engineering tools closer to the vehicle’s centre. This is made possible by the lack of requirement for crew compartments.

The prototype shown at MSSPIX is mounted on General Dynamics Land Systems’ TRX, which is a medium-sized robotic combat vehicle (RCV-M). The Pearson Engineering equipment is integrated with the 10-ton chassis using a high strength integration kit to enable rapid fit, removal, and interchange of the mission pack. The particular mission pack shown at MSSPIX includes a General Purpose Blade and an Excavator Manipulator Arm for urban obstacle clearance.

The company continues to make great progress in the UGV arena, having recently taken part in a remote controlled Assault Breacher Vehicle (R-ABV) experimentation in the United States as well as their recent collaboration with Estonian company Milrem Robotics at DSEI 2021.

Business Development Director, Mr Richard Beatson, said “This is an important area of development for Pearson Engineering as our customers move towards unmanned fleets whether they be remote controlled or autonomous. Pearson Engineering is the world-leader in the supply of mobility, counter-mobility, and survivability equipment to help Armed Forces to defend, move and fight. We listen to end-users’ needs, challenges and opportunities and provide them with the capabilities needed to manoeuvre freely around the battlefield.”


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