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Patria Showcasing At IDEB In Bratislava

Patria AMV-XP MT30MK2 [© Patria]

Patria is attending and showcasing at the IDEB international defence exhibition on 25-27th August 2021 in Bratislava, Slovakia.


Press Release, Helsinki, 23 August 2021: Patria attends the international defence exhibition IDEB on 25-27th August 2021 in Bratislava, Slovakia. Patria offers a wide range of life cycle support services to both Land vehicle and Aviation fleets as manufacturer-authorised service centres and branches.

Patria has participated the Slovakian 8×8 armoured wheeled vehicle programme for several years offering Patria AMVXP 8×8 which has been thoroughly tested and qualified by the Slovakian Armed Forces. Patria AMVXP 8×8 fulfils both Slovakia’s national and NATO requirements and the vehicle provides state-of-the-art performance to military operations. Patria is prepared for wide-scale technology transfer and local manufacturing in the Slovakian 8×8 programme.

Patria’s life cycle service offering also includes F-16 Fighter jets and UH-60M Black Hawk helicopters, which are the Slovakian Armed Forces’ core platforms in coming decades. Life cycle services are provided together with local partners ensuring also local industrial development, customer in-country readiness requirements and successful migration to western type of equipment and MRO support.

Patria’s wide offering at IDEB: Patria is a global market leader of modern armoured wheeled vehicles and showcases Patria AMVXP 8×8 at IDEB. Patria’s product offering includes also state-of-the-art turreted mortar system Patria Nemo for various land vehicles and maritime vessels.

Patria AMVXP 8×8 is an extremely modern, modular and robust armoured wheeled vehicle providing superior fire power protection and mobility. Patria AMVXP has fully digitalised vehicle data and control systems. At IDEB Patria AMVXP is showcased with ELBIT Systems MT30MK2 manned turret.

Patria also showcases its successful Strategic Partnership Concept as well as a wide Intelligence and Surveillance product portfolio:

  • Patria Strategic Partnership Concept is a concept proven to enable a trusted and close co-operation between industry and defence in peace, crisis and ultimately also during war time. The concept is delivered to defence forces together with Patria’s local partners ensuring local industrial capability creating in the long term and making sure all country specific readiness requirements are fulfilled.
  • Patria MUSCL is a passive radar system providing resilient, covert and easily deployable air surveillance in standalone mode as well as in networked mode using multiple MUSCL stations. The system provides affordable area and point surveillance for various applications such as military air surveillance, border control, critical infrastructure protection and drone detection.
  • Patria ARIS and Patria ARIS-E are remotely operable ELINT systems for interception, recording and analysis of modern and increasingly complex signal environment.
  • Patria CRAWLR is a cyber intelligence software product providing targeted and discrete information gathering from a wide range of sources, including websites, social media and the dark web.
  • Patria CANDL provides a single data link solution for communications requiring high reliability, such as UAS payload data and C2. It enables air-to-air and air-to-ground Ad Hoc Networking as well as relaying for BLOS capability, thus enabling capabilities such as MUMT – Manned Unmanned Teaming – and LVC – Live Virtual Constructive – training.
  • Patria SONAC DTS is an ASW Sonar system offering both active and passive modes of operation with two separate wet-end sub-systems, VDS and TAS, which can be used simultaneously.
  • Patria SONAC ACS acoustic mine sweep is specially designed for sweeping influence mines with advanced acoustic triggering. Its compact, lightweight size is designed for use with unmanned craft.
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