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Otokar AKREP IId Introduced At IDEF 21

Otokar AKREP IId [© Otokar]

Turkish manufacturer Otokar has expanded its AKREP II family with the AKREP IId diesel variant, introduced today at IDEF 21 in Istanbul.


Press Release, Istanbul, 17 August 2021: Otokar, a Koç Group company and Turkey’s global land defence systems manufacturer, introduced AKREP IId, the new diesel variant added to the AKREP II range at IDEF. The highly anticipated AKREP IId, designed with a reduced silhouette, high mobility and survivability, and a modular structure that can be fitted with up to 90mm weapons, is ready to meet modern armies’ present and future needs.

Otokar, a NATO and United Nations supplier, launched the first AKREP* armoured vehicle in 1995, and the range grew over the years, proving itself in domestic and international markets. The next-generation AKREP II armoured vehicle range, built on the success of the original AKREP, elevates Otokar’s claim in land systems to another level. Otokar now expands the next-generation AKREP II 4×4 armoured vehicle range, designed as an armoured reconnaissance, surveillance and weapons platform, with the diesel variant AKREP IId.

The AKREP II range, designed with a reduced silhouette, high mobility, and survivability to respond to modern armies’ current and future needs, stands out with a modular structure that can be fitted with up to 90mm weapons. After introducing AKREP IIe, the first electric version of the armoured vehicle range in 2019, Otokar unveiled AKREP IId, the highly anticipated diesel variant at IDEF ’21.

Manoeuvrability: AKREP II’s four-wheel drive system and steerable rear axle (optional) give the vehicle excellent manoeuvrability. Relying on the four-wheel independent suspension and swift torque control of the power pack, AKREP II can travel cross-country over challenging terrain and traverse deep mud, snow or water with equal ease. Manoeuvrability of AKREP II is crowned with crab steering motion, which comes with a steerable rear axle.

Remote Control and Autonomous Capabilities: AKREP II controls the basic mechanical components of steering, acceleration, and deceleration electrically (drive-by-wire). This makes it possible to remote control the vehicle, or adapt the driving assistance systems and autonomous capabilities.

Reduced Silhouette and Signature: AKREP II has the advantage of a reduced silhouette. AKREP II can be equipped with alternative powerplants: diesel, hybrid, and electric. AKREP II operates with a low silhouette, high mine protection, and efficient fire power on the same platform. With the help of electric and hybrid drive, the thermal and acoustic signature of the vehicle is minimized.

Multi-role Vehicle: As a multi-role vehicle suitable for different types of missions, AKREP II has the ability to provide effective firepower without compromising survivability. Medium-calibre turrets up to 90 mm can be integrated. AKREP II can also be configured for weapon platform for quick reaction, surveillance missions, armed reconnaissance, air defence missions, forward observer, and other similar tasks.


*Editor’s Comment: See MLR28 ~ Otokar Akrep Armoured Patrol Car

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