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New AMC High-Density Flash Drive From ODU

ODU AMC High-Density Flash Drive [© ODU]

The modernisation of the armed forces calls for new solutions ~ ODU has designed a new ultra-rugged AMC 12-position High-Density Flash Drive.


Press Release, Mühldorf am Inn, 17 May 2021: ODU GMBH & Co. KG has designed a 12-position Flash Drive. This Flash Drive enables the user to back-up and secure data in harsh environment.

The portable data storage device is ideal for securely up- and down-loading data to defence systems or other devices that operate independently of a static infrastructure in harsh environment. The data is protected from external access via standard devices by the special ODU interface.

Possible applications for the Flash Drive:-

  • mounted and dismounted PCs, handhelds and mobile devices
  • unmanned systems such as UAV, USV, UGV, UUV
  • embedded systems & computers in harsh environment e.g. Military

Technical specification:-

  • USB 3.2 Gen1x1
  • ultra rugged design
  • robust mechanical and optical coding
  • protection class IP68 / 69K in mated condition
  • temperature range -40°C to 85°C
  • PSLC (Pseudo Single Level Cell) technology
  • long durability & a high degree of reliability
  • more write and read cycles than common MLC Flash Drives
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