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Mercedes-Benz Arocs To Zetros At IDEX 2021

New Generation Mercedes-Benz Zetros in 6x6 configuration [©Bob Morrison]

Mercedes-Benz At IDEX 2021 ~ logistics vehicles – Arocs, Zetros and Unimog plus Sprinter and G-Class – secure the mobility of defence forces.


Press Release, Stuttgart, 23 February 2021: On show there will be selected examples from the broad Mercedes-Benz Arocs, Zetros and Unimog logistics vehicle portfolios, as well as Sprinter and G-Class models. The vehicles together with their various bodies and conversions show configurations suited to the requirements of customers from different public authorities and security organisations.

The product portfolio covers a payload range from 0.5 tonnes to 250 tonnes gross combination weight and also includes a diverse selection of truck sizes and payloads, as well as engines for several different fuel qualities and emissions norms, all destined for logistics tasks. Some models available comply with the Euro VI emissions norm.

New Generation Mercedes-Benz Zetros in 6×6 configuration [©Bob Morrison]

Logistics vehicles: Materials and personnel must be able to be transported at any time to any location. Even away from roads and off the beaten track, in all terrain and under the most varied of environmental conditions, the robust off-road specialist vehicles can get quickly, safely and reliably to any operational location where they might be required. This mobility is a major factor in the successful completion of logistics exercises.

The highly agile vehicles from Mercedes-Benz are equipped for operations in the toughest terrain and the most extreme conditions. Their superior off-roading capabilities result from the excellent interplay between powerful, proven chassis components which make possible simple and safe driving on the most varied types of ground.

The specific vehicle range sets itself apart thanks to equipment features such as all-wheel drive with single tyres, inter-wheel and inter-axle differential locks, as well as high-torque engines, all of which guarantee that even extreme driving situations can be mastered. The technology used ensures gradient-climbing ability of up to 80 percent and, in the case of Unimog and G-Class vehicles, even up to 100 percent. Further advantages include the ability of the vehicles to be loaded onto aircraft and trains, fording depths up to 1200 mm, blackout lights, roof hatches, a tyre pressure control system and much more.

The product and service quality combined with availability of spare parts worldwide and a dense service network in almost all countries represent unrivalled customer benefit. Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks stands for vehicle concepts tailored perfectly to the most varied operations and scenarios. The range includes off-road and armoured vehicles which have already proven their worth several thousand times the world over as robust and powerful, flexible and adjustable.

Mercedes-Benz Arocs 4663 AS 8×8/4 tractor unit [©Mercedes-Benz]

Arocs 4663 AS 8×8/4 tractor unit: The Arocs 4663 AS 8×8/4 tractor unit is a specialist for heavy materials and off-road terrain. With single tyres on all axles and with a permissible gross vehicle weight of 46 tonnes, the Arocs attains a permissible gross combination weight of up to 250 tonnes. Its great performance allows it to make headway on difficult terrain just as reliably as it does on the road. Furthermore, the Arocs with its efficient engine, large fuel tank of 1190 litres, the extended service life of many components, low repair and maintenance costs as well as the great bodybuilder friendliness make for especially economic operation.

The robust and high-torque Euro V OM 473 engine with 460 kW (625hp) output and torque of 3000 Nm comes together with the Mercedes PowerShift 3 automated manual transmission and unique spring and frame construction to make up the core of the vehicle. For the best-possible traction and good steerability, the drive system, chassis, springs and frame form a precisely attuned single unit, which is optimally equipped for the respective operations of the Arocs both on the road or in extreme terrain.

One special feature of the exhibited Arocs is the turbo retarder clutch which facilitates precise pulling away and manoeuvring without causing wear and tear. With braking torque of up to 3000 Nm, the turbo retarder clutch can assist in all driving manoeuvres from slow vehicle speeds right up to full use of the engine’s power at the physical limits of traction.

For all wheels, mechanical beadlocks available which prevent the tyre and the rim of a wheel from spinning out of sync. Thus, risk-free driving can even be enjoyed when driving on sand with low tyre pressures and thus a greater level of traction can be achieved as tyres are prevented from coming away from the wheels.

The spacious L-cab offers space for two plus four people and thus makes it possible to have a six-person-strong team and their personal equipment in a single vehicle.

Mercedes-Benz Zetros 6×6 [©Mercedes-Benz]

Zetros 2045 4×4 all-wheel drive platform vehicle: The 2nd generation of this vehicle concept developed with durability and easy operation in mind is aimed at the requirements in the markets outside of Europe. The new Zetros continues to offer the special conceptual benefits of a cab-over-engine truck, coupled with pronounced robustness and suitability for all terrain. In future, all Zetros vehicles will be driven by a particularly powerful yet robust six-cylinder inline engine with a displacement of 12.8 litres. The Zetros truck is available in five output levels: In Euro III with 360hp / 265 kW; 421hp / 310 kW; 476hp / 350 kW. In Euro V with 449hp / 330 kW and 510hp / 375 kW.

The new generation of the Zetros is initially being launched as a three-axle model with all-wheel drive in emissions stage Euro III. Further variants will follow in the coming months as two- and three-axle models (4×4, 4×2, 6×4, 6×6) in the emissions stage Euro III and Euro V. A choice of single or twin tyres and a drivetrain adapted to meet the increasing demands in terms of overall weights are the hallmarks of the new-generation Zetros. Together with the high ground clearance, powerful engines, the option of permanent all-wheel drive and planetary hub reduction axles with differential locks ensure extremely high mobility and long-term durability.

When it came to the two-axle variants, the performance range is being rounded down. As part of the production ramp-up, engines in Euro V followed, and they were linked to a further increase in output. The reinforced drivetrain components facilitate overall tractor/trailer combination weights up to 80t for the three-axle variant and up to 120t as a semitrailer truck. The permissible gross mass of the three-axle models has been raised to up to 40 t.

The driver’s position behind the front axle reduces the vibration load on the driver and is thus ideal for off-road journeys. The cab-behind-engine concept also offers easy access to the engine compartment, makes it easy to climb in and out, boasts a low overall height, and all this in a very robust design. The Zetros offers the advantages and flexibility of a specialist vehicle and the ergonomics, service world and replacement parts availability of a volume-produced truck.

In anticipation of the extension of the Zetros vehicle family of the 2nd generation there is the new two-axle Zetros. As on the three-axle version, the wheelbase of the base model has also grown by 300 mm in order to meet the needs of the drivetrain which has become stronger and also larger, and at the same time to represent the usual body length of 5.1m in this vehicle class. The two-axle model displays the same unmistakeable vehicle front and the same improved drivetrain, which even has the most powerful engine variant here, the modernised cab interior and all the other optimisations of the new Zetros. The most important technical data are: six-cylinder in-line engine OM 460 Euro V, displacement 12.8 l, output 449hp / 330 kW at 2300 rpm, G 260-16 gearbox, air pressure system, GVW 19.5 tons, M-cab with three seats.

Mercedes-Benz Atego 1726 A 4×4 [©Mercedes-Benz]

Atego 1726 A 4×4: Whether for distribution or off-road use, the Mercedes-Benz Atego provides the right answer to every question about a light or medium-weight truck. The highly economical and functional Atego benefits from its experience; Mercedes-Benz has been manufacturing it for 23 years, now in its second generation.

As diverse as the Atego’s tasks are its four- and six-cylinder in-line engines in Euro VI. With a displacement of 5.1 litres and 7.7 litres, they produce between 156hp/ 115 kW and 299hp/ 220 kW. The total of seven performance levels are closely spaced. Power is transmitted as standard by the fully automated Mercedes PowerShift3 transmission – manual gearshifting if required. The Brazilian-made Atego is also available with four- and six-cylinder in-line engines in Euro III and Euro V emissions standards. The output levels range from 177hp/ 130 kW to 286 PS/ 210 kW with displacement sizes from 4.2 litres to 7.2 litres.

With the off-road vehicles, however, the special off-road driving programme for off-road use with a force-based driving style deserves attention. This is the keyword for the optional all-wheel drive; the Mercedes-Benz Atego is optionally available with selectable all-wheel drive or, for particularly high traction requirements, with permanent all-wheel drive – another example of the versatility of the Atego.

Mercedes-Benz G-class [©Mercedes-Benz]

G-Class – agile and compact multi-role vehicle: The G-Class can look back on 40 years of enduring experience thanks to its clever and constant further development, its proven technology and its high-quality, well-tested components.

Although the G was not designed as a military vehicle, there were already deliberations during the development phase in the mid-1970s on how an army variant could be derived from the off-road vehicle. The versions of the Mercedes-Benz G-Class produced for the defence sector are equipped to suit the specific requirements of this field. This means that its users can concentrate fully on the operation in hand.

The compact and dynamic vehicles are equipped to provide a perfect combination of off-road capability, reliability and optimal protection – cutting-edge technology comes as standard and is available in all models. For regions and operational areas with poor fuel quality, the Euro 3 norm specification is available (conversion from Euro 5 to Euro 3 standards is possible at the operational location).

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