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Lockheed Martin Joins Platform One DevSecOps

Illustration © Lockheed Martin

The US Air Force has added Lockheed Martin to the US Defense Department’s Platform One DevSecOps software initiative.


Press Release, Bethesda, 01 February 2021: The US Air Force has added Lockheed Martin to Platform One, an advanced software development programme that aims to accelerate the development and deployment of new software applications for defence missions.

Platform One is a standardised and widely-mandated Department of Defense (DoD) DevSecOps Infrastructure programme used for future software development. It enables faster software development and deployment with continuous updates to warfighters and will be used on programmes like the Advanced Battle Management System (ABMS) and AEGIS.

The Air Force recently awarded Lockheed Martin a Basic Ordering Agreement (BOA) for Platform One Software DevSecOps Services to support DevSecOps engineering, software development, cybersecurity and operations, and IT support. The BOA deepens Lockheed Martin’s ongoing collaboration with the Platform One team, creating opportunities for Lockheed Martin to help build and support the Platform One solution and transition systems to Platform One.

“It’s clear from their actions that Lockheed Martin is embracing DevSecOps and is committed to advancing Platform One capabilities,” said Nic Chaillan, the Air Force’s chief software officer. “Collaboration with industry is key to the success of Platform One and other advanced cloud and software efforts, and we look forward to working with the Defense Industrial Base to improve the way we deliver fast, secure and high-quality code to warfighters.”

The company is currently applying Platform One for DevSecOps within the Lockheed Martin Software Factory, a company-wide initiative that delivers the cloud-based infrastructure, tools and processes that are transforming the way software is created and delivered.

“Software is at the heart of every system we deliver, and we understand the DoD’s urgent need for faster deliveries, more powerful mission capabilities, and open-source, open-architecture foundations for software,” said Yvonne Hodge, senior vice president of Enterprise Business Transformation at Lockheed Martin. “Platform One is a truly innovative approach that is propelling the DoD’s DevSecOps evolution, and the collaboration with industry has helped us build infrastructure and capabilities that are well-aligned to the DoD’s vision.”

Platform One manages Air Force software factories and provides DevSecOps managed services with collaboration tools, cybersecurity tools, open source code and artefact repositories, development tools, and DevSecOps as a Service. The Platform One BOA can also be used for task orders for US Cyber Command, including Joint Cyber Warfighting Architecture DevSecOps development critical to multiple programmes such as Joint Cyber Command and Control. Lockheed Martin is one of several companies to join Platform One as part of a collaborative, cross-industry effort.

Lockheed Martin is applying its DevSecOps expertise in every domain to address the Air Force’s ABMS vision by connecting existing and future platforms, sensors and weapons. The company has actively contributed and participated in each ABMS On-Ramp exercise, which is advancing novel, open architecture multi-domain mission systems in support of Joint All-Domain Command and Control (JADC2).

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