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Elbit Awarded Rotary-Wing Mission Training Centre Contract

Rotary-Wing Mission Training Centre [©Elbit Systems]
Elbit Systems has been awarded a $96 Million contract to supply a Rotary-Wing Mission Training Centre to a European country.


Press Release, Haifa, Israel, 29 November 2020: Elbit Systems Ltd. announced today that it was awarded a contract valued at approximately $96 million to supply a European country with a Rotary-Wing Mission Training Center (MTC) and support services to train its Air Force, Army and Navy helicopter pilots and crews. The contract will be performed over a nine-year period, with an option to extend the maintenance services for an additional ten-year period.

Rotary-Wing Mission Training Centre [©Elbit Systems]

The Rotary-Wing MTC is a networked multi-platform, mission-oriented, helicopter training centre that will provide multi-level training for helicopter pilots and aircrews across the customer’s Armed Forces. The new training centre will enable realistic simulated tactical training using all of the helicopter’s systems in a wide variety of mission scenarios. The Rotary-Wing MTC draws on the unique technologies and accumulated operational experience of the Company’s fighter aircraft tactical mission training centres.

Yoram Shmuely, General Manager of Elbit Systems’ Aerospace Division commented: “This contract highlights the growing importance that Armed Forces place on leveraging proven technologies to enhance readiness while reducing costs.”

Rotary-Wing Mission Training Centre [©Elbit Systems]
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