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Jankel Seats for Mack Defense M917A3 HDT

Jankel MK3.5 Blast Mitigating Floor Mounted Crew Seats are being fitted to the US Army's Mack Defense M917A3 Heavy Dump Truck [© Mack Defense]
Jankel is providing MK3.5 Blast Mitigating Floor Mounted Crew Seats for the 3rd Generation Mack Defense M917A3 Heavy Dump Truck.


Press Release, Weybridge, 30 October 2020: Mack Defense has partnered with Jankel, a world-leader in the design and manufacture of high-specification defence, security and NGO protection systems, to provide the seating solution for their 3rd generation M917A3 Heavy Dump Truck (HDT).

Seeking to develop the next generation of HDTs, delivering increased protection levels, higher payload and improved mobility, the US Army awarded the HDT contract to Mack Defense in 2018. The Mack Defense M917A3 HDT is based on the civilian Mack Granite model, one of the top-selling construction trucks in North America and is currently taking part in 40 weeks of rigorous durability testing at the US Army’s Aberdeen Test Center in Maryland. The new trucks will help increase the US Army’s operational effectiveness and readiness, while supporting mobility, survivability and sustainment operations for the Joint Force.

Jankel MK3.5 Blast Mitigating Floor Mounted Crew Seat [©Jankel]

The Jankel MK3.5 Blast Mitigating Floor Mounted Crew Seat is utilised in both the Driver and Commander positions in the HDT cab. The seat features an advanced weight adjust system, height adjust, fore-aft adjustment and Reset to counter slam-down (secondary) acceleration forces.

David Hartzell, president of Mack Defense said: “Mack Defense relies on partners with proven competency in the development, production and delivery of high-performance survivability solutions. Jankel seating has been incorporated into tens of thousands of MRAP vehicles around the world and their continued commitment to development and innovation in the field make them the perfect partner for this project”.

“Jankel is extremely proud to be in partnership with Mack Defense to provide the protective seating for their latest Heavy Dump Truck.” said Andrew Jankel, Chairman of Jankel Group. “We pride ourselves in producing the world’s best blast-mitigating seats for military applications and we are delighted to be part of a programme that will be delivering enhanced survivability and capability for the US Army for many years to come, driving mission success”.

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