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Finland Buys Senop Night Vision Devices

Senop NVG [© Senop: Eetu Raitanen]
Senop Oy, part of Finland’s Patria Group, is to supply M20 night vision devices to the Finnish Defence Forces.


Press Release, Kangasala, 13 October 2020: The Finnish Defence Forces will improve its night fighting capability by procuring new image intensifiers for soldiers and hand-held multi-purpose observation and surveillance systems for mortar units. Antti Kaikkonen, the Minister of Defence of Finland, has authorised the Finnish Defence Forces Logistics Command to sign a contract with Senop Oy for the procurement of night vision devices. The procurement is based on a Letter of Intent signed on 22 May 2019 and Senop will deliver the systems by the end of 2021.

The contract, with a total value of more than 13 million euros, includes a 209 million euro option for the next five years. The option includes image intensifiers, observation and surveillance systems and laser aiming devices.

Senop NVG [© Senop: Eetu Raitanen]

Senop´s new NVG is a small and lightweight night vision device (FDF: Night vision device M20), designed as a soldier’s personal night vision device to be used in demanding military environments. NVG utilises latest aspheric and composite technologies, which enable high performance and low over all system weight.

Senop´s laser aiming devices (FDF: Tactical laser aiming device M20 and Soldier´s laser aiming device) are developed to be used as a soldier´s weapon sight and as a target designator for troop leaders. Laser aiming devices are designed for seamless integration with FDF´s existing weapons and are also usable in other weapons / systems.

Senop LILLY target acquisition device (FDF: Target acquisition device MPL21) is an extremely light weight device with versatile functions for target acquisition, observation and different types of measuring applications. LILLY is based on high performance thermal imaging, combined with direct view optical channel. This combination enables high performance at all times of day.

New image intensifier, laser aiming devices and Senop LILLY sensor have been developed in close cooperation with the Finnish Army. “The development work has also required intensive field tests and environmental tests to ensure that the devices are easy to use and stand the strain of hard military operations. I can proudly say that image intensifier, laser aiming devices and LILLY-sensor have been developed for infantry soldiers with the guidance of real end users”, says Aki Korhonen, Managing Director of Senop.

Effective night fighting capability requires overarching capabilities. Senop is developing holistic solutions for networked military environments. Senop has for example delivered Senop VV3X night sights, VVLite night vision devices, and LISA target acquisition systems (FDF: MPL15) for the Finnish Army. All these devices support the capability to fight during the night and in difficult weather conditions. In addition, these systems are networked to modern C2I -systems to support situational awareness.

“Our mission is to help customers to build new capabilities by tailoring solutions according to their specific needs and requirements. Our priority customers are armies and soldiers. Our development work with the Finnish Army has shown the agility of our company to support the customers”, Aki Korhonen points out. The development of the image intensifier and laser aiming devices was finalised from concept to qualified product within one year.

Senop´s Defence & Security portfolio consists of high-performance image intensifiers, night sights, intelligent thermal weapon sights, handheld target acquisition and observation systems, vehicle camera systems, hyperspectral cameras, and multi-purpose container-based system platform solutions.

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