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Belgium Orders 322 Oshkosh JLTV CLV

An Oshkosh JLTV seen at Millbrook Proving Ground in 2018 ~ 135 Belgian JLTVs will be fitted with the FN DeFNder Light RCWS [©Bob Morrison]
The Belgian Government has given the green light for the acquisition of 322 Oshkosh JLTV CLV (Command and Liaison Vehicles).


Press Release, 11 September 2020: [Auto-translation] On Friday 11 September, the Council of Ministers gave the green light to the acquisition of 322 Command and Liaison Vehicles (CLVs), as well as to an open multi-year agreement for technical assistance. The American company Oshkosh has won the €135 million contract with its Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV). The delivery of the first vehicles is scheduled for 2023.

In accordance with the strategic vision, the CLV will succeed the current Iveco LYNX. The new CLV will dramatically increase occupant protection and equip Défense with vehicles suited to current and future threats when deployed. These vehicles will be used for command and liaison missions and will better protect personnel against mines, ballistic missiles and Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs). The integration of a Remote Controlled Weapon Station (RCWS), the FN DeFNder Light 7.62 from FN Herstal, is planned on 135 of these vehicles.

Belgian Iveco LYNX CLV deployed on the NATO eFP mission in Estonia in 2019 ~ all but 90 Belgian Army CLVs will be replaced by JLTV [©Bob Morrison]

Quality: La Défense sought a Military Of The Shelf (MOTS) product to avoid unnecessary development costs. The programme was therefore looking for a mature vehicle that had already been delivered to partner countries. This means that the vehicle has undergone an in-depth lifetime charge analysis in a partner country (USA). Among other things, payload, tactical mobility and passive occupant protection were taken into account.

CaMo: Within the Land Component, the need was aligned with the CaMo programme. 302 CLV and 90 LMV will ensure the Belgian level of ambition. The Medical Component will be able to count on 20 highly protected CLVs.

[images © Bob Morrison unless noted]

~ UPDATED 13 October 2020 ~

JLTV [© Oshkosh Defense]

Press Release, Oshkosh, 13 October 2020: Oshkosh Defense, LLC, an Oshkosh Corporation company, announced today that the Belgium Ministry of Defence has awarded Oshkosh Defense a contract for 322 Oshkosh Defense Command and Liaison Vehicles (CLV) for the Belgium Defence Forces.

The Belgian CLV is the proven Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV) platform from Oshkosh equipped with Belgian communication systems. The JLTV is currently used by the US military.

“Oshkosh Defense is honoured that Belgium has chosen to equip its armed forces with the Oshkosh CLV,” said John Bryant, Executive Vice President, Oshkosh Corporation, and President, Oshkosh Defense.

“The Oshkosh CLV offers Belgian soldiers the world’s most advanced light military vehicle, delivering next-generation levels of protection, off-road mobility, speed, transportability, and seamless operational and logistical interoperability with North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) allies,” Bryant continued.
“The Belgian Defence opted for a worldwide competition in which ‘money for value’ was the only criterion,” said Director Land Systems Colonel Filip De Varé. “The CLV will be integrated in the CaMo programme, an international partnership between the French and Belgian land forces.”
Traditionally procured via foreign military sales, the Belgian procurement marks Oshkosh Defense’s first large direct commercial sale of a JLTV-based vehicle. Belgium joins the United States, the United Kingdom, Lithuania, Slovenia, and Montenegro in choosing this vehicle.

As a globally recognised leader in the design and production of military vehicle systems, Oshkosh Defense has the capacity to support both domestic and international customer demand.

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