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Boeing Delivers 2500th AH-64 Apache Helicopter

Continuing in service today with the US Army and multiple international defence forces, the AH-64D Apache Longbow helicopter was initially delivered to the US Army in April 1997 and in 2003 was deployed in support of Operation IRAQI FREEDOM [Boeing photo]
Boeing recently delivered its 2,500th AH-64 Apache helicopter, an E-model Apache for the US Army, from the company’s production line in Mesa, Arizona.


Press Release, Mesa, 30 June 2020: Boeing recently delivered its 2,500th AH-64 Apache helicopter, an E-model Apache for the US Army, from the company’s production line in Mesa, Arizona.

The first production AH-64, an A-model Apache, rolled off the assembly line on September 30, 1983, and was delivered by Boeing heritage company McDonnell Douglas to the US Army in January 1984. Today, Boeing is producing and delivering AH-64E helicopters to a growing list of customers around the world.

“The Apache has built an impressive legacy of success, and is well-positioned to bring relevant technologies and capabilities that defence forces require today and in the future,” said Kathleen Jolivette, vice president of Attack Helicopter programmes and senior Mesa site executive. “Company teammates and suppliers worldwide are focused on assembling, delivering and supporting US and global customers working to deter aggression and defend freedom. Apache is ready to have a key role in the future of multi-domain operations.”

The AH-64E Apache attack helicopter entered service in the US Army in 2011 and has been selected by defence forces in Europe, the Middle East and Asia [Boeing photo]

Today’s E-model Apache features integrated technologies including communications and navigation capabilities to enhance situational awareness and coordination; a new, faster multi-core mission processor for advanced systems integration; and maritime capability in the Fire Control Radar for watercraft detection and identification along with a shorter engagement timeline. The helicopter’s improved drive system includes a split-torque face gear transmission, a 701D engine and composite main rotor blades that ensure the Apache succeeds as a highly stable aerial weapons-delivery platform.

Selected by, or in service today with the US Army and the defence forces of 15 nations, Apache helicopters are slated to fulfil the requirements of aviators and battlefield commanders for decades to come. Planned modernisation has ensured that Apaches have evolved with revolutionary technologies. Today’s helicopters feature capabilities for resiliency in multi-mission operational environments.

British Army AH-64D Apache supporting the NATO eFP Battle Group in Estonia in 2019 [©Bob Morrison]

“As a former Army aviator with military service dating back to October 1978 and later selected to fly the first AH-64A and later the AH-64D model Apaches, it’s a thrill today to be a part of the crews who complete flight testing on aircraft during development and prior to delivery to customers,” said Dave Guthrie, Boeing’s chief pilot for Apache programmes. “I know that I’m part of this helicopter’s history and its future.”

Legacy Apache deliveries, including new-build and re-manufactured helicopters, include 937 A-models through 1997, more than 1,000 AH-64Ds between 1997 and 2013, and more than 500 E-models since 2011.

US Army AH-64 Apache attack helicopter team over CENAD San Gregorio Training Area, Zaragoza, TRIDENT JUNCTURE 15 [©Bob Morrison]

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