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ARQUUS Launches New ARMIS Truck Range

ARQUUS, the French defence company manufacturer and leader of land mobility solutions for the French Army has launched the new ARMIS truck range.


Press release, Paris, 08 June 2020: Partner of the armies since 1898, ARQUUS is the first provider of land mobility solutions of the French Army, with more than 25,000 vehicles in service, including 10,000 logistics and tactical trucks. Historical specialist of military transport, the company has built its reputation on the GBC8KT, GBC180, TRM2000, TRM4000 and TRM10000, the VLRA and Sherpa Medium, which have been carrying a large part of the Army’s logistics and systems during the last decades.

These ranges, combat and time-proven on all theatres of operations, now give way to a new generation of logistics and tactical trucks, designed and produced in France: the ARMIS 4×4, ARMIS 6×6 and ARMIS 8×8, forged by ARQUUS’ centenary experience in military mobility solutions.

Thought specifically for the operational needs of the armies, on foreign lands as well as in domestic missions, these vehicles are fully adapted to the soldiers’ everyday needs. They benefit from decades of research on the design, use and support of tactical and logistics trucks for the military. Proud heirs to the GBC and TRM trucks, they fully integrate the experience of the current generation of Army trucks. That everyday experience side by side with the armies is now brought forward to better serve the soldiers.


Built on fully military drivelines, developed on own equity by ARQUUS, the ARMIS 4×4, 6×6 and 8×8 are reliable, dependable and robust, fully able to overcome the most demanding terrains and conditions. Mobile and enduring, they are adapted to long operational deployments and complex missions, with reduced maintenance needs.

Versatile, the ARMIS new generation vehicles can fulfil all logistical and tactical missions of the Army, from troop, systems, water tank or mobile workshop transport to vehicle repair and tow truck. Compatible with all the Scorpion equipment, the ARMIS also accommodate new generation communication and information systems, as well as armament such as the Hornet Remote-Controlled Weapon System, selected by the French Army as common equipment for all the vehicles of the Scorpion program. The ARMIS 4×4 and 6×6 are equipped with specific variants of the Griffon and Jaguar vehicles’ engines. Modular, the ARMIS trucks are available in several configurations, allowing for effectiveness, simplicity of use and tactical flexibility for the commander on the field. Depending on the mission at hand, they can be equipped with non-protected or protected cabins, compliant with STANAG 4569. Evolutionary, they can adapt to the operational needs and the threats met on the battlefield.


The trucks of the new ARMIS range are fitted with recent technologies, adapted to the operational needs and proven in the most demanding situations. These technologies, developed in ARQUUS’ R&D centres, provide the ARMIS 4×4, 6×6 and 8×8 with optimal mobility on all grounds, limited fuel consumption and very high resistance, which guarantee optimal uptime and low cost of ownership. Thanks to these design choices, the ARMIS trucks are fitted with all necessary capabilities, at the best price.

The ARMIS can be equipped with the automation solutions currently being developed by ARQUUS, such as platooning and automatic convoys. They may be fitted with the Group’s most innovative solutions in the fields of energy optimization and maintenance. These solutions are available for the armies thanks to ARQUUS’ experience in terms of dual technologies and militarization. They simplify the necessary logistics and reduce the maintenance needs.

The ARMIS vehicles’ performance will be demonstrated during the second semester 2020 at an event presenting ARQUUS’ latest novelties.

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