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Milipol 2019 ~ Rheinmetall and the Security Services

Rheinmetall is exhibiting at MILIPOL 2019, in the Villepinte expo park on the outskirts of Paris, under the slogan ‘A Strong Partner of the Security Services’.


Press Release, Düsseldorf, 19 November 2019: When it comes to equipping the men and women who protect our liberty and security, only the best will do. From 19 to 22 November 2019, Rheinmetall will be on hand at the MILIPOL international security show in Paris, displaying a selection of its extensive portfolio of products for law enforcement agencies and security forces.

The Survivor R Protected Special Operations Vehicle ~ The Survivor R epitomises Rheinmetall’s commitment to the twin imperatives of security and mobility. It is extremely well suited for police Special Operations. In Germany, state-level police forces in Berlin, North Rhine Westphalia and Saxony have already opted to equip their SWAT teams with the Survivor R. The Survivor R is now in the running to become the standard Special Operations Vehicle for Germany’s federal and state police agencies.

Survivor R is also in the running for the new German Police Spec Ops Vehicle [© Rheinmetall]

Developed in cooperation with special vehicle maker Achleitner and based on a high-performance 4×4 MAN truck chassis, the Survivor R is fitted with a steel armour cab. Capable of reaching speeds of over 100 km/h, the vehicle combines tried-and-tested automotive technology from major production runs with the latest force protection concepts from Rheinmetall. Systematic use of off-the-shelf civilian parts and serially produced military components make the vehicle an affordable option, while users can rely on Rheinmetall MAN’s global service network for maintenance and repairs. This makes the Survivor R a cost-effective, easy-to-maintain vehicle platform with low lifecycle costs and a high level of operational readiness.

An armoured monocoque cab with add-on protection elements can be individually and discreetly modified to meet evolving threat situations, while a ventilation system for filtering out nuclear, biological and chemical agents is standard equipment in every Survivor R vehicle. Well-lit and ergonomically designed, the interior is spacious enough to seat up to eleven personnel with their personal equipment as well as extensive C4I and communications equipment. This versatile vehicle can also be equipped with remotely operated weapon stations. At MILPOL 2019, Rheinmetall is showcasing a Survivor R fitted with a Fieldranger weapon station. This variant is designed for protecting airports, for instance, as well as for operations against terrorists employing military tactics and equipment.

Special effects technology ~ Rheinmetall offers a comprehensive array of pyrotechnic products. When it comes to SWAT team-type operations, the Group’s portfolio of multi-bang grenades and improved-performance flash-bang grenades with bottom-top venting (BTV) technology offers the perfect solution. They are extremely safe to handle, highly precise and very reliable.Rheinmetall has developed a wide assortment of flares for signalling and for illuminating the area of operations at night. These include the handheld Mithras, with ranges of 300, 600 and 1,000 metres, with versions available for the visible and infrared sector.

RSG60 60mm mortar [© Rheinmetall]

Rheinmetall’s new 60mm mortar for infantry and Special Forces ~ Rheinmetall has developed a new 60mm mortar for infantry and Special Forces. The RSG60 features innovative design and engineering characteristics which make this indirect fire system very light and easy to handle. A few quick manual adjustments turn the 15.8 kg standard infantry version into a commando mortar weighing just 6.8 kg, with no need for tools. This makes the RSG60 a two-in-one solution. Depending on the ammunition and charges, the standard version can attain ranges of up 3,200 metres. Equipped with a thirty centimetre-longer barrel, the range increases by around 500 metres. The commando variant of the RSG60 has a range of around 2,000 metres.

Rheinmetall also make 40x46mm ammunition [© Rheinmetall]

40mm system family ~ As a leading maker of munitions, Rheinmetall’s extensive portfolio of 40mm products covers multiple operational scenarios. These range from distraction rounds and marking charges as well as non-lethal impulse ammunition and highly effective special solutions for methods of entry, or MOE, including airburst technology.

Moreover, as a top maker of military systems and equipment, Rheinmetall offers a wide variety of relevant weapon concepts. These include the Magazine-Fed Grenade Launcher, or MFGL, which features integrated hydraulic shock absorption. The Group’s fire control and aiming devices – including the Vingmate family – make Rheinmetall a one-stop shop for 40mm system technology.

Tac-Ray Ballistic build-on sniper module [© Rheinmetall]

Laser light modules ~ Rheinmetall has recently added further modular components to its ‘VarioRay’ family of laser light modules. The new Variable Tactical Aiming Laser (VTAL) laser is extremely robust and compact. The system is specially designed for today’s shorter assault rifles. VTAL is compatible with all standard night observation devices. Furthermore, the system can be coupled with other tactical weapon lights such as Rheinmetall’s modular Lumenator weapon light and operated using a combined two-button cable switch. The new products are key components for boosting the operational effectiveness of modern small arms. Moreover, visitors to the Rheinmetall stand at MILIPOL 2019 can learn about other members of the VarioRay family as well as the Group’s TAC-Ray Ballistic sniper build-on module with integrated ballistic computer.

Footnote: Although I did get around much of Hall 5 at Milipol today, meeting many our Sponsors as I strolled and snapped, I did not quite make it onto the Rheinmetall stand before closing time but will endeavor to pop in there for a chat tomorrow. It looks like there is a lot to try and cram in over the next couple of days. [BM]

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