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AUSA 2019 ~ RAFAEL Suite for Future Armoured Vehicles

RAFAEL Suite for Future Armoured Vehicles 'Transparent Cockpit' [© Rafael]
RAFAEL will exhibit its Suite for Future Armoured Vehicles including the revolutionary ‘Transparent Cockpit’ and quantum leap in AI capabilities at AUSA 2019.


Press Release, 08 October 2019: RAFAEL Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. is participating at AUSA 2019 in Washington, D.C., October 14-17, 2019. RAFAEL is a leading international defence contractor with combat-tested and proven systems that are optimised for multi-domain operations, survivability, manoeuvrability, and lethality.

Trophy on Abrams MBT [image via Rafael]

One such example is the TROPHY, the world’s first and only operational, combat-proven, safety-certified APS, in serial production and in service on the IDF Merkava Mk III and IV MBTs and NAMER AFVs, recently sold to the US Army and Marines for the Abrams MBTs, and integrated on more than a dozen platforms. In total, TROPHY is under contract for some 2000 systems for several users.

Last winter, the US Army decided to procure the Iron Dome air defence system to protect its expeditionary forces and strategic assets. Iron Dome has been widely used by the Israeli Air Force, with over 2000 combat interceptions against a variety of very short and short range threats, including UAVs.

At the heart of RAFAEL’s systems, are advanced artificial intelligence and deep learning capabilities that optimise performance. These are also at the heart of two of RAFAEL’s leading next generation technologies, that have been integrated into its Suite for Future Armoured Vehicles, featuring a Transparent Cockpit and quantum leap in AI capabilities, combining the most advanced subsystems and optionally-manned technologies, and transforming any armoured vehicle – including AFVs, APCs and tanks – into an ultra-modern combat system. Another breakthrough system developed by RAFAEL is the FIREWEAVER, a Revolutionary Networked Attack System for the new wave of Land-Based Operations Digitisation.

Apache LB Spike NLOS [image via Rafael]

In today’s rapidly changing battlefield, the combat helicopter still holds a central and important role. The combat helicopter is a valuable asset for the military commander both in defence and offence missions. RAFAEL is a leading supplier and integrator of a full armament upgrade package, including both 4th and 5th generation stand-off Precision Guided electro-optical (EO) Missiles in different weights and ranges of up to 30 km, EO devices, Guided/unguided Rocket interface, Command & Control interfaces for pilot situation awareness, HMDs (Helmet-Mounted Displays for cueing of SPIKE Seeker and EOS to pilot head orientation) and even heliborne broadband Digital Data-link for continuous communication among the squadron helicopters.

Throughout the years, RAFAEL has signed numerous joint ventures with American companies for joint development, production and marketing of air, land and marine systems. In fact, most of the systems listed above came to the U.S. military via partnership with major U.S. primes, including Boeing, General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, and Leonardo DRS.

RAFAEL is proposing solutions for a number of US programmes and tenders and will be displaying a variety of systems at AUSA 2019, including:

  • SPIKE Family – Precise, tactical, electro-optical, multi-platform fire-and-update missiles, sold to 33 countries, with over 30,000 missiles supplied. SPIKE and its variants (NLOS, ER2, LR2) are being offered for a number of U.S air, naval and land programmes.
  • SPIKE FIREFLY – Revolutionary Miniature Tactical Loitering Weapon System from the SPIKE Family, weighing only 3 kg and providing behind-cover precision attack capabilities for the dismounted soldier
  • DRONE DOME ‒ An innovative end-to-end system designed to provide effective airspace defence against hostile drones. Drone Dome has 360° circular coverage and is designed to detect, track, and neutralise drones either by jamming their communication or destroying them using a laser beam.
  • TROPHY VPS (Vehicle Protection System) – the world’s only operational active vehicle protection system, combat-proven in numerous combat scenarios against a large variety of threats. Recently delivered to the US Army Abrams MBTs, and tested on the Bradley IFV.
  • SKYHUNTER – Iron Dome’s advanced interceptor (also called TAMIR). Iron Dome is an active CRAM air defence system, which has to-date intercepted over 2,000 threats in battle.
  • FIRE WEAVER – Networked Targeting Control System (NTCS), providing real-time pixel-based target designation and fire coordination, allowing simultaneous, precision strikes on multiple targets within seconds
  • SUITE FOR FUTURE ARMOURED VEHICLES – RAFAEL’s solution for the future combat fighting vehicle enables two crew members to perform their mission, in a fully protected closed hatch vehicle, with a breakthrough transparent cockpit design, enabling 360 degree situational awareness, using augmented reality for real-time battlefield information and data. This includes targets, Blue Forces, and other Points Of Interest (POI’s), as well as an autonomous mission support system, for autonomous mission planning, driving, and simultaneous operation of all vehicle weapon systems, all based on combat artificial intelligence capabilities.
  • BNET – Broadband MANET IP Software Defined Radio (SDR) for transmission of reliable digital information at high data rates among a large number of users. BNet is an integrated C3 system providing position and jam-resistant high-speed Data and Voice (Analogy and VoIP) used for combat communications in a modern battlefield.
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