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DSEI 2019 ~ BOXER Recovery World Première

The crane lifts up to 20t both if connected to the driving module or operating independent from it [© FFG]
German defence manufacturer FFG intends showing its new and innovative recovery module for the BOXER for the first time at DSEI 2019 in London next week.


Press Release, Flensburg, 04 September 2019: This year’s DSEI again offers visitors various defence technology innovations. One of the most spectacular ones will be the first public presentation of the new recovery module for the MRAV BOXER at the FFG (Flensburger Fahrzeugbau Gesellschaft mbH) exhibition stand. The new mission module for the armoured wheeled vehicles of the German Bundeswehr, among others, closes a capability gap in the fleet of several nations.

The new Boxer recovery module closes a capability gap [©FFG]

Whereas various mission modules already exist to configure BOXER as ambulance, battle damage repair, cargo, command post, engineer group, infantry fighting or troop carrier vehicle, a potent recovery module was missing. FFG is now fundamentally changing the situation with a sophisticated system module which at 13t deadweight is able to lift up to 20t or to pull it by means of a capstan winch. The new module can also be decoupled hydraulically from the vehicle and work partially autonomously thanks to its own battery supply. Operation is carried out by a crew of two, who monitor the work supported by special software via touchscreens. Concerning general on-board equipment such as ABC-system, heating, etc. FFG used its previously introduced BOXER components to achieve the greatest possible logistical equality.

The already well-known G5 command vehicle has also been upgraded and will be presented in a new version within DSEI. Following the German land forces digitisation programme (D-LBO), FFG together with its project partners show that there are already products and solutions which can be embedded in a given system architecture in an application-specific and modular way. At the same time they offer a high level of suitability for use, functionality and efficiency in the combat network.

Taking into account current demands for the use of standardized kits, FFG and its project partners have developed a number of innovative concepts based on the G5 vehicle system. These concepts result in an adaptive command vehicle used as a mobile brigade or battalion command post, as provided not only by the D-LBO but also e.g. the Norwegian MIME programme or the Dutch FOXTROTT.

The interior of the G5 gives an impression of its degree of digitisation: it is ‘D-LBO-ready’, as they say in Germany [©FFG]

Key elements of this new system architecture are a modular set-up system for accommodating communication and IT equipment, a transparent communication management system, a position management system with virtual and augmented reality elements as well as a selection of communication elements. These include the integration of remote units or reach back-connections via SatCom-on-the-Move.

Thanks to many years of experience in military vehicle construction, intensive examination of new technologies and close cooperation with innovative partners, FFG has developed comprehensive competencies in the field of construction of innovative protected vehicles. This expertise also enables planning and efficient implementation of upgrades and modifications to proven vehicles with latest tools and procedures.

Interested visitors to DSEI 2019 are invited to take a look at the innovative BOXER recovery module and D-LBO-ready version of the G5 at the FFG stand and obtain comprehensive information on all other products and services of the Flensburg vehicle manufacturers.

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