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Warrior Capability Sustainment Programme Milestone

WCSP trials vehicle during Reliability Growth Tests activity [© Lockheed Martin]
Lockheed Martin has successfully completed an anchor milestone of 20 Battlefield Mission assessments for its Warrior Capability Sustainment Programme.


News Release, Ampthill, 29 August 2019: Lockheed Martin UK successfully completed 20 Battlefield Mission (BFM) assessments earlier this month, proving the reliability, lethality and game-changing capabilities of WCSP.

The Warrior Capability Sustainment Programme (WCSP) has recently completed a significant programme milestone – Lockheed Martin jointly with Armoured Trials and Development Unit (ATDU) crew have covered over 5,000 kilometres and fired thousands of ammunition rounds to achieve 20 Battlefield Mission assessments.

BFMs are a key element of the enduring Reliability Growth Tests (RGT), which are made up of a combination of Qualification and Verification (Q&V) activities and representative BFMs – by the time the development programme comes to a conclusion the vehicles will have travelled the equivalent distance of a return journey from the North to the South Pole.

Lee Fellows, Warrior Capability Sustainment Programme Director at Lockheed Martin said: “The programme is at an exciting point – we are six months into RGT and continuing to achieve all our milestones and commitments as agreed with our customer.

“I’m proud to lead a programme that will bring our British warfighting capability into modern times – our armed forces have some of the world’s most skilled and capable soldiers who know how to get the job done and do it well.

“Working in collaboration with our Defence Equipment and Support customer, Lockheed Martin plays a key role in helping to modernise the British Army; providing a critical capability which will serve for decades to come”.

WCSP addresses key capability gaps faced by the legacy vehicle. Once in-service, the significantly enhanced capability will change the way the British Army operates, enabling soldiers to carry out tasks in an even safer, and more modern environment. The key upgrade being delivered by Lockheed Martin is the ability to fire-on-the-move with the new CT40 stabilised cannon. The new digital turret will not only upgrade the lethality of the platform, but the enhanced situational awareness will provide soldiers with a full picture of the battlespace.

Whist trials are ongoing at Bovington, with the vehicles continuing to undergo Q&V activity and complete more BFMs, Lockheed Martin is set to showcase one of the WCSP demonstration vehicles at DSEi next month.

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