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Elbit Systems at DSEI 2019

IronVision HMD system for AFVs that provides a 360-degree panoramic visualisation of the surrounding environment [© Elbit Systems]
Elbit Systems will display a range of new and battle-proven solutions across the artillery, self-protection, intelligence, unmanned and avionics sectors at DSEI.


Press Release, 28 August 2019: Elbit Systems UK will showcase advanced systems across all areas of defensive capabilities at this year’s DSEI. The full range of capabilities will be located on their stand, and there will be an extra display of the DOMINATOR equipment on the Royal Navy’s static display.

This year Elbit Systems UK will also be welcoming a team of Royal Air Force cyclists to DSEI, who will have cycled from RAF Valley to the ExCel Centre via RAF Marham using our Everysight Raptor glasses technology, raising money for SSAFA – The Armed Forces Charity.

Martin Fausset, CEO of Elbit Systems UK, said: “I am delighted that Elbit Systems UK will be showcasing such a diverse and wide-ranging set of equipment and technology this year. In the two years since the last DSEI we have developed our UK footprint exponentially and are excited to have the opportunity to show the depth and breadth of our expertise. We will be showcasing our next-generation air, land are maritime capabilities both on our stand and across our UK subsidiaries. We are also delighted to be official partners of the Royal Navy this year, with our DOMINATOR C4I suite, currently in trials with the Royal Marines, on show at the Static Display.”

HattoriX is a man-packed fire support system for passive precise and rapid target acquisition [© Elbit]

C4ISR solutions:

  • E-LynX is the newest generation of tactical communications based on powerful, advanced Software defined radio technology offering multi-band, multi-waveform tactical IP for simultaneous data and multiple voice sessions in wideband and narrowband waveforms on a single RF infrastructure.
  • Weapon-Integrated Battle Management System (WinBMS) provides a full-scale solution at the task force level and within the armoured combat platformbased on integrated sensor and weapon systems, enhancing effectiveness and coordination of manoeuvring forces.
  • TORC2H is an all-in-one C4I system for multi domain network operations that is operationally deployed in Land, Sea & Air military organizations around the world, including NATO and Five-Eyes countries.
  • HattoriX is a man-packed Fire Support system that enables Forward Observers (FO) to passively, rapidly and independently acquire Category 1 (CAT-1) targets (Target Location error of few a meters).
  • DOMINATOR is an integrated warrior combat suite designed to enhance the effectiveness of the dismounted soldier, comprised of:
  • RAPTOR all-in-one wearable computing unit for the dismounted soldier.
  • SmartNVG helmet-mountable navigation and C2 heads-up display add-on for night vision goggles.
  • SmartEye soldier glasses for augmented situational awareness.
  • Smart WristView compact computer and display, worn with a strap on the wrist or elsewhere.
  • SmarTrack soldier wearable reliable location tracking and data link for GPS denied environments.
  • SmartSight see-through augmented reality digital add-on for day-sights.

Self- Protection:

  • Iron Fist is an advanced soft and hard kill active protection system for enhancing the self-defence capacity of armoured platforms.
  • Laser Warning Systems provide armoured vehicle personnel with accurate warnings to support effective and timely responses to laser and radar-guided threats.
Skylark I-LEX man-portable electric propelled UAS best suited for reconnaissance, counter-insurgency, force protection missions as well as civil applications [© Elbit]

Unmanned Systems:

  • Skylark I-LEX is man-portable electric propelled UAS best suited for reconnaissance, counter-insurgency, force protection missions as well as civil applications.
  • Hermes 45 is a multi-mission Small Tactical UAS designed for land and maritime operations with a wide range of advanced payloads.
  • THOR is a VTOL Mini-UAS is a low altitude multi-rotor platform, designed for a wide range of surveillance and reconnaissance missions.

Helmet Mounted Displays for Land and Airborne Platforms:

  • IronVision is a groundbreaking Helmet Mounted Display (HMD) system for AFVs that provides a 360-degree panoramic visualization of the surrounding environment. Integrated with critical mission data and enabling the crew to ‘see-through’ their vehicle’s armor in real time, IronVision allows fighting in “Closed Hatches”, while maintaining full situational awareness.
  • Helmet Display and Tracking (HDTS) is an improved helmet mounted system for helicopter pilots that combines innovative line-of-sight technology and head-up display capabilities.

Rocket Artillery:

  • EXTRA is a precise, long-range artillery rocket with a range of up to 150km and an accuracy of 10m CEP.
  • M454 is a 155mm Super-High Explosive artillery projectile that introduces a solution based on a pre-fragmented drogue parachute warhead, designed to detonate at an optimum height above the target.
  • Preditor Hawk is a long-range rocket for in-depth precision strikes, designed to attack and destroy high-priority targets at a range of up to 300km, and with an accuracy of less than 10m CEP.
  • Accular is a highly accurate, combat-proven guided rocket designed to support ground forces.

Guided Mortar Munitions and Fuses:

  • STYLET is a multi-mode GPS/INS guided 120mm GMM designed for tactical combat units and Special-Forces with a range of 1000-8500m and high accuracy of less than 10 metres CEP.
ATMOS truck-mounted howitzer that offers the advantages of superior fire [© Asaf Haber: Elbit Systems]

Artillery and Weapon Stations:

  • ATMOS is a truck-mounted howitzer that offers the advantages of superior fire power of legacy guns with enhanced mobility and rapid response time (presented in a 1:6 model).
  • Remote Controlled Weapon Stations are designed for dynamic or static operation mounted on any armoured fighting vehicle, main battle tank or support platform without roof penetration.

Tank Munitions

  • M339 is a 120mm Mortar high explosive multi-purpose tracer tank cartridge;M303 is a 120mm Mortar training cartridge specially developed to provide an affordable training solution to the Armoured Corps; M710 is a 125mm Mortar high explosive multi purpose tracer tank cartridge for the modern battlefield

About Elbit Systems UK: Elbit Systems UK Ltd (ESUK) holds four wholly-owned subsidiaries as well as two joint ventures. In total, over 500 personnel are employed by the ESUK companies in the UK, in high tech roles in the defence, aerospace and rail sectors. The two joint ventures were formed in order to deliver the Watchkeeper programme for the British Army and to supply and support three fleets of aircraft within the UK MOD Military Flying Training System (UKMFTS) programme. Elbit Systems UK was also recently selected by the UK MOD to provide the MORPHEUS Battlefield Management Application for the British Army.

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