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Bundeswehr Orders Mungo 3 A/C Spür N/C

The Mungo 3 A/C - Spür is an air-transportable, protected vehicle fitted with nuclear and chemical (N/C) reconnaissance equipment [© Carl Schulze]
Krauss-Maffei Wegmann has today announced that the company will supply nine Mungo 3 A/C Spür N/C (Nuclear and Chemical) Recce systems to the German Army.


Press Release, Munich / Coblenz, 24 July 2019: The Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support (BAAINBw) has commissioned Krauss-Maffei Wegmann (KMW) to supply a total of nine Mungo N/C Recce reconnaissance systems. In addition to supplying the vehicles, the contract encompasses spare parts packages and the training of crew and maintenance personnel.

Mungo A/C – Spür performing a reconnaissance task employing its two-wheel surface sampler system [© KMW]

The N/C Recce variant of the Mungo vehicle is able to detect and identify nuclear and chemical threats. For that, the three-man crew has at its disposal a mass spectrometer, weather sensors and a radiation detection device, among other things. The crew remains inside the secure vehicle throughout the entire detection and analysis process. The ground can even be marked from inside the vehicle in the event of contamination. The Mungo N/C Recce can be transported in a CH-53 helicopter due to its light weight and external dimensions. All nine vehicles will be delivered by the end of 2022.


The two-wheel surface sampler includes an automatic wheel exchanger and a drop bag for used wheels [© Carl Schulze]

Editor’s Note: In 2009 Germany’s Bundeswehr tasked KMW with developing the Mungo 3 A/C – Spür (Detector) Nuclear and Chemical (N/C) Reconnaissance Vehicle and ordered a prototype based on the Mungo 3 GFF1 Variante Großraum. This prototype was delivered in June 2010 and over the next three years intensively trialled at the NBC Defence and Self-Protection School in Sonthofen, the Institute for NBC Protection Technology in Munster, and the School for Land-Based Technology and Maintenance in Aachen. Results of these trials were evaluated and requirements for changes were issued to establish a series production standard, resulting in today’s contract for procurement of nine vehicle. The new Mungo A/C – Spür vehicles will be used by the Light NBC Defence Company of ABC-Abwehrbataillon 750 in situations where their larger Transportpanzer 1 A8A7 Spürfuchs NBC Reconnaissance Vehicles cannot be employed.

Prototype Mungo A/C – Spür seen at the Informationslehrübung in Munster in 2016 [© Carl Schulze]
Crewed by three, the Mungo A/C-Spür has a GVW of 5,800kg, and measures 4.68m x 2.29m x 2.1m high [© Carl Schulze]
The bulk of the new vehicles will be fielded by 4. Kompanie, ABC-Abwehrbataillon 750 ‘Baden’ [© Carl Schulze]

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