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HUTP ~ Haulotte Ultra-lightweight Tactical Platforms

At SOFINS 2019, the Haulotte Group introduced the first Haulotte Ultra-lightweight Tactical Platform or HUTP – an ultra-light 4×4 off-road reconnaissance vehicle, writes Bob Morrison.


Haulotte, the French material handling and lifting equipment manufacturer, has branched out into the specialist military vehicle field by producing a four-seat lightweight recce vehicle in collaboration with both Special Forces and conventional units from NATO countries.

Rear cargo bed can carry about 1000kg – tyres are 245/75R16 [©BM]

Known as the Haulotte Ultra-lightweight Tactical Platform – Reconnaissance, or HUTP-R, the first of three prototype designs has a dry weight (i.e. minus fuel) of just 1600kg yet offers a payload of 1200kg. Powered by a 2.1 litre, 4-cylinder diesel engine, the HUTP-R version is said to have a maximum road speed of 150km/hr and a road range of 1300km. Measuring 4,200 x 1,840 x 1,800mm high, to top of rollcage, the 3,100mm wheelbase HUTP-R has 310mm ground clearance when fully loaded, has 75° approach and 60° departure angles, can ford 700mm unprepared and can tackle a 400mm step.

Three initial versons are planned

Standard configuration is four seats, in two rows, but in theory two more troops could be transported on jump seats at the rear if only minimal cargo was carried on the loadbed. There is provision for a pulpit ring mount for a 12.7mm heavy machine gun or 40mm grenade launcher atop the rollcage and a commander’s light or general purpose machine gun can be mounted front right. Although open-topped, the HUTP-R is fitted with STANAG 4569 Level 1 under-seat armour plating as standard and appliqué lightweight composite side armour panels / doors can be fitted as an optional extra

The recce vehicle has selectable four wheel drive, 5-speed automatic transmission, high and low ranges and differential locks front, rear and inter-axle for maximum off-road performance. Suspension is independent all round, with double wishbones front and rear. Steering is power-assisted and a 4.5 tonne self-recovery winch with 15 metre cable is an option, as is a TireBalls runflat system. Operating temperature range quoted by the manufacturer is -32° to +49°C.

Two-seat 4×4 and 6×6 Logistics versions of the HUTP are under development and the 4×4 Recce version is currently under test with an unspecified user. Accompanying images were taken at the SOFINS 2019 Special Operations Forces conference and expo this April.

[ images © Bob Morrison]

Above: Driver’s seat and rear passenger seats [©BM]

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