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German Army Performs European SPIKE Firing Campaign

German Army gunner with new SPIKE / MELLS ICLU (Integrated Control Launch Unit) launcher [© Carl Schulze]
SPIKE is already in use by 18 EU & NATO members, who already jointly implement cooperation in training, maintenance and procurement.


Rafael Press Release, 03 June 2019: The German Army has finalised its annual training in firing of Rafael’s SPIKE LR ATGM missile (also named MELLS in Germany). The firing was performed in Germany under adverse weather conditions, and included the firing of as many as 54 live SPIKE LR missiles by German Army gunners from the new SPIKE ICLU launchers (Integrated Control Lunch Unit), which includes a new digital user interface.

SPIKE image via Rafael [© Thomas Hierl]

During the training, German personnel launched SPIKE LR missiles in complex firing scenarios, including engagements in BLOS (Beyond-Line-of-Sight: targets hidden behind cover), retargeting midflight scenarios, firing in total darkness in IR (infrared) mode, as well as firing in day mode under harsh conditions of intense rain and strong winds. Both launchers and gunners performed flawlessly and all 54 missiles hit their targets successfully.

SPIKE image via Rafael [© Thomas Hierl]

Rafael’s SPIKE Family missiles, sold to 31 countries around the world, with over 30,000 missiles supplied, consists of missiles suited for land, air and naval platforms, multiple ranges and a variety of targets. The missiles in this family have a sophisticated electro-optic multispectral seeker for day/night operation, as well as an advanced tandem anti-tank warhead. Their lofted trajectories enable the warhead to strike the target at its most vulnerable location with pinpoint precision. All of the SPIKE Family members have a low life-cycle cost, due to high reliability and operational, logistic support and production commonality between members.

Belgian troops live-firing SPIKE [image via Rafael: BE Defence: CEUPPENS]

SPIKE is in production in Europe by EUROSPIKE, through major EU defence OEM‘s as well as numerous EU SME‘s and is already integrated and qualified to a large variety of terrestrial and aerial EU armed forces platforms, including armoured vehicles, attack helicopters and naval vessels.

“SPIKE has proved to be a high quality and reliable system chosen by 18 EU/NATO members (as well as 13 additional nations). EUROSPIKE and Rafael see great importance in maintaining the commonality of the European user nations SPIKE launchers & missiles. The nations’ interoperability is a key factor both tactically and economically. Part of our roadmap in all SPIKE weapon system upgrades includes investment of substantial R&D funds to maintain this commonality”, said Mr. Moshe Elazar, Executive Vice President and Head of Rafael’s Land and Naval Division.

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