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Rafael To Showcase Systems At LAAD 2019 In Brazi

Blackhawk firing SPIKE [image © RAFAEL]

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems will this week showcase a variety of solutions for internal security, space and current and future Brazilian military programmes at LAAD 2019.


Press Release: The Latin American defense and security market is a significant growth area for Rafael, and it is seeking to expand its presence in the region. Rafael has developed advanced solutions to meet customer requirements across all military and para-military forces in Latin America, such as homeland security, cyber defence, Air-to-Air missiles, Air Defense systems, C4ISTAR systems, and more.


At LAAD 2019, Rafael will present the following systems:-


SPYDER SR Launcher [image © RAFAEL]

SPYDER SR/MR – Family of Short and Medium Range Air Defence systems using the i-Derby and Python-5 missiles. This commonality between the use of the missiles for air defence and on front-line fighters is one of the main features and advantages of the system.. SPYDER is in operation with five international customers.

DRONE DOME Counter-Unmanned Aerial System (C-UAS), designed to detect, track, and neutralize drones either by jamming their communication or destroying them using a high-powered laser. Drone Dome, recently supplied to the UK Armed Forces, will be offered to Brazil for a range of civil applications.


SPIKE FAMILY – Multi-purpose, multi-platform, tactical, guided-missile systems for ranges of 150 m to 30 km. Rafael is offering to the AvEx (army aviation) a full armament upgrade package for the Fennec & Panther helicopters. For this programme Rafael joined Akaer, a highly-skilled Brazilian aerospace company. SPIKE has been sold to 31 nations, with over 30,000 missiles already supplied, and some 5,500 fired in tests and combat.

SPIKE FIREFLY – a revolutionary, innovative miniature electro-optical tactical loitering munition, designed for light maneuvering ground forces such as infantry, Marines or Special Forces, optimal for urban warfare.


LITENING 5 – New generation navigation and targeting pod featuring advanced high-resolution sensors for effective stand-off identification and targeting.

RECCELITE XR – Real-time multi-spectral reconnaissance system for stand-in and stand-off missions.

PYTHON-5 – Full sphere advanced air-to-air IR missile and air defense missile.

I-DERBY – Affordable Beyond-Visual-Range, SDR seeker, latest generation air-to-air and air defense missile

SPICE FAMILY (2000, 1000, 250) – Family of stand-off air-to-ground gliding bombs based on Rafael’s unique scene-matching technology for precise hits at ranges of up to 100 km.


BNET SDR FAMILY – Broadband MANET IP Software-Defined Radio for ground and air applications.


CYBER DOME – Patent-based one-of-a-kind holistic suite of Cyber defense solutions. The Cyber Dome architecture is composed of multiple layers of defense solutions, starting from the traditional ones like firewalls, antivirus etc., and up to the most complex ones like unique technology for handling multi classification information and SCADA systems.


LITESAT – High performance low-cost microsatellite system, for Electro-Optic Earth-Observation missions, suitable for dual use: military and civilian. The space system consists of a constellation of microsatellites. Rafael Advanced Defense Systems has established a solution to offer Brazil a modern, agile, cost-effective system for on demand, high-resolution imaging from space.


This will provide Brazil with a strategic national capability, for military and civilian purposes, in support of current and future security challenges. During the evolvement of the programme, Rafael will contribute its unmatched experience in fields of “new concepts for modern surveillance”, big data analysis, imagery analysis, cyber security and more.

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