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New Thermoteknix TiCAM 1000C Target Locator

The new TiCAM 1000C target location system from Thermoteknix is a versatile target acquisition and observation system for day and night time operation.


Press Release: The TiCAM 1000C combines an uncooled thermal imager and daylight CCD channel with GPS, eye safe laser range finder, digital magnetic compass, target marker and video recording in a rugged aluminium housing.


TiCAM 1000C [© Thermoteknix]

With intra-ocular eye piece adjustment, the biocular TiCAM 1000C is significantly more comfortable to use than monocular or other thermal imaging multi-function devices in its class.


Lightweight and compact, the device is suitable for forward target location and surveillance operations and operates for up to 8 hours on rechargeable AA batteries (and can also be continuously operated with external power).


TiCAM 1000C features a unique intuitive user interface and can be connected to various C4I platforms systems, using USB OTG connectivity.

Infrared image [© Thermoteknix]

Daylight image [© Thermoteknix]

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