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XTEK To Show World-leading Ballistic Armour At Eurosatory

Australian defence technology company Xtek will be showing off its world-leading ballistic armour, amongst a range of other defence equipment, at the 2018 Eurosatory exhibition in Paris from 11 to 15 June.


Press Release: Xtek’s ballistic plates and helmets, manufactured with Xtek’s proprietary patented XTclave manufacturing technology, protect against 7.62x39mm mid steel core weaponry – but up to 30 percent lighter than traditional solutions. Other ballistic products are also available against higher threats using the same technology.

XTclave production plant [© Xtek]

Xtek is Australia’s homeland security specialist, providing high-quality products and solutions to defence, law enforcement agencies and other government departments. Initially developed as a batch-type manufacturing process for ballistic protection laminates, specifically Small Arms Protective Inserts (SAPI), the XTclave Composite Consolidation Technology is ideally suited to the manufacture of high-quality, void-free, low resin content, small radius, precision structural carbon fibre composite components for the defence and aviation industries.

The technology makes it possible to manufacture lighter, stronger and stiffer products than have traditionally been available. Xtek products using the XTclave manufacturing technology have been purchased by a range of customers globally. Recent orders include:-

  • SAPI plates by the Australian Defence Force
  • SAPI plates by FY Composites from Finland for European defence customers
  • Test panels and helmets for the US military
  • Armor plating for the US Department of Defence

Xtek MD Philippe Odouard, said: “Our technology is gaining momentum with highly demanding clients due to its light weight characteristics. We are finalising our commercial scale manufacturing facility in Australia to allow deliveries of quantities early next calendar year.”

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