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Plasan Unveils Revolutionary New Ultralight Armoured Vehicle

At 14:30 local time today in Mexico City the Israeli manufacturer Plasan is launching the fascinating YAGU ultralight high mobility patrol vehicle and weapons platform.

This morning the well-established armoured vehicle manufacturer provided JOINT-FORCES with the accompanying images of YAGU during trials but requested we hold back showing them to you until the official unveiling at ExpoSeguridad Mexico. From a specification sheet sent earlier today, we spotted that the YAGU is based on the chassis of the ARCTIC CAT Wildcat 4 1000 quad which is in use with a number of Special Operations Forces units in its standard configuration.

Rooftop Light Remote Controlled Weapon System can accept 5.56mm or 7.62mm machine guns [© Plasan]

The Plasan YAGU, which has a kerb weight just under 1500kg can carry a 350kg payload and has seating for three crew members under armour. On the roof it can carry a Light Remote Controlled Weapon System (LRCWS) for self-defence, mounting either a 5.56mm light machine gun or 7.62mm general purpose machine gun, and an integrated light quad drone can also be carried for reconnaissance and observation missions.

What makes this three-man quad truly remarkable is that it offers 360 degree ballistic protection to B6+ level for the crew. As the company said in its pre-launch publicity, they seem to have smashed the weight / protection / firepower triangle for two- or three-man teams.

[ updated 21:30 UK ~ official video added below ]

The following extract is from the official press release:-

Measuring just 3785x1620x2019mm high, the YAGU is compact enough to patrol in built-up areas [© Plasan]

“Over recent years, and following the huge success of Plasan designed and protected vehicles like the Navistar MaxxPro MRAP and Oshkosh M-ATV, Plasan has continued to broaden its product offering, both as a supplier of advanced survivability solutions and, in certain markets, whole vehicles like the ubiquitous SandCat Stormer family. Plasan’s specialty has always been high quality but cost-effective solutions, carefully balancing the triangle of weight, protection, and cost. At the top end this has led to leading solutions in Stanag 4-6 add-on kits and blast-management systems for APCs and IFVs, being supplied to major OEMs and integrators for use by some of the most advanced militaries in the world.

Plasan SandCat used by Bulgarian MPs during ANAKONDA 16 in Poland [© Bob Morrison]

“In the middle of the Plasan spectrum sits the flagship SandCat Stormer, a family of vehicles in use by more than 15 countries over 5 continents. The SandCat family continues to grow and evolve and the latest version of the Stormer variant will be on display at Expo Seguridad.

“At the light end of Plasan’s range, the all-new YAGU will be making its world debut at an unveiling on the Plasan stand at the exhibition. In the spirit of ‘the element of surprise’ that the new vehicle embodies, details are still scarce but we can reveal that it is an ultralight and super agile vehicle with an unprecedented level of protection for a vehicle at this low weight.

YAGU demonstrating its off-road ability – ground clearance is a respectable 330mm and four-wheel drive is selectable [© Plasan]

“Plasan has achieved what was previously believed to be impossible. There is high demand for a light and agile vehicle with the dynamic attributes of a buggy but invariably the need for protection is traded off in the interests of keeping the weight down. These unprotected vehicles end up unusable in dangerous areas and are often relegated to the role of runarounds on bases; disappointed soldiers have been known to call them ‘expensive golf carts’. By contrast, YAGU carries a crew of three with 360° protection against high velocity threats, in air-conditioned comfort, with excellent situational awareness.

“With the optional Remote Weapon Station, it is a truly usable combat vehicle, deployable for use by Special Forces, Border Guards, or on Counter-Terror operations. Easily maneuverable in urban environments, and highly mobile off-road, there is nowhere that YAGU can’t take the chase.”




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