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Rheinmetall Defence Solutions at AUSA 2023

Rheinmetall Mission Master UGV [© Rheinmetall]

Rheinmetall showcases innovative defence solutions for the US Army at AUSA 2023 ~ ‘One Partner for All Missions’.


Press Release, Düsseldorf, 06 October 2023: The AUSA Annual Meeting & Exposition takes place in Washington, DC from 9-11 October, with this year’s motto set as ‘Be All You Can Be’. The American Rheinmetall family of companies along with key partners from Rheinmetall’s global enterprise will be on-site showcasing some of their most recent activities, achievements and innovative solutions aimed at providing the US Army with the critical, next-generation technologies it needs and deserves.

The ‘M109-52’ Self Propelled Howitzer Prototype Featuring Rheinmetall’s L52 Howitzer Cannon System and Enhanced by Advanced Artillery Technologies: Rheinmetall’s world class, combat proven L52 155mm Cannon Armament integrated on the M109 Self-Propelled Howitzer System is the optimal solution for the Army’s requirement to upgrade the M109 fleet. The exceptional L52 armament currently in service in Ukraine and with eight global allied users delivers a significant increase in range, precision and lethality. Rheinmetall will further display its operationally proven suite of propellants and munitions on site at AUSA this year. These products and capabilities are closely aligned with the Army’s Long-Range Precision Fires modernisation priorities. The Rheinmetall-BAE team will perform a series of live fire demonstrations of the upgraded M109-52 in 2023 and 2024. Rheinmetall will feature the systems solutions for platform, cannon, projectile and propellant technology across the artillery ‘eco-system’ on its booth. A full-sized M109-52 prototype system will be featured on the BAE Systems booth for attendees to view throughout the show.

M109-52 SPH Featuring Rheinmetall L52 howitzer cannon system and enhanced by advanced artillery technologies [© Rheinmetall]

Autonomous Vehicle Capabilities – Unmanned and Unmatched: Rheinmetall’s PATH Autonomous Kit (A-Kit) is a navigation system that enables full autonomous movement of vehicles. It can be rapidly integrated on existing vehicles or the latest next-generation platforms. It is a core element of Rheinmetall’s exceptional Mission Master family of autonomous unmanned ground vehicles (UGV); combining advanced sensors, technology leading algorithms, and real-time data analysis to allow vehicle platforms to operate autonomously in a wide range of operating environments. Fielded and tested on a variety of platforms, the PATH A-Kit is a mature, proven technology that stands out from the competition. At AUSA, American Rheinmetall will demonstrate the system’s platform agnostic design through display on multiple different platforms. Rheinmetall’s PATH A-kit can also be seen on display at industry partner booths including Tomahawk Robotics and L3Harris Technologies.

Additionally, Rheinmetall and partner blackned will be on-site to discuss the features and benefits of blackned’s TacticalCore solution when coupled with the Mission Master UGV, to augment domain awareness by delivering resilient communications across a disparate network of unmanned and autonomous platforms in a contested communications battlefield. Seamless. Networked. At the Edge.

Skyranger 30mm c-UAS Turret on M5 Ripsaw RCV [© Rheinmetall]

The Skyranger 30mm c-UAS Turret with Airburst Munition on the M5 Ripsaw RCV: Skyranger is a highly mobile, lethal and precise air defence system, capable of engaging modern battlefield threats, particularly highly agile or swarming small unmanned aerial targets. The M5 Ripsaw, with active (3D AESA radar) and passive IR sensors along with the high rate-of-fire 30x173mm Revolver Cannon® KCE-ABM with ground-to-air missiles offers a superior, autonomous firepower solution for Soldier protection in the most austere operating environments. The modular system, shown with Rheinmetall’s Path A-Kit provides best-in-class air defence in line with the Army’s Air and Missile Defense modernisation priority.

The HX3 CTT – The Next-Gen Tactical Truck that Delivers: Rheinmetall MAN’s new HX3 8×8 tactical truck with pallet load handling system is redesigned from the ground up for improved protection, increased mobility, greater comfort and easy integration of future applications for increased performance due to its open systems architecture. Using a derivative of the HX3, the HX3 CTT, Rheinmetall and its teammate GM Defense are executing an Army rapid prototyping award for the Common Tactical Truck (CTT) Program. Accordingly, Rheinmetall, as a leading global developer and producer of tactical trucks, will remain closely aligned with the Army’s Contested Logistics Cross Functional Team’s priorities. See the truck in person at the GM Defense booth as well as scale models on the Rheinmetall booth.

RMMV HX3 CTT Next-Gen Tactical Truck [© Rheinmetall]

American Rheinmetall’s XM30 Offering: Appropriately cleared personnel can engage with Rheinmetall’s XM30 Team, led by American Rheinmetall Vehicles, regarding XM30 technologies and program performance. The Team is an elite US defence industry group, including Textron Systems, Raytheon, L3Harris Technologies, Allison Transmission and Anduril Industries, that is participating in the XM30 program. The American Rheinmetall XM30 features a new, lethal, unmanned 50mm turret with 3GEN FLIR, a highly manoeuvrable and more compact chassis, advanced on-board protection systems integrating active protection and an open systems architecture ensuring overmatch today and tomorrow. An augmented reality technology demonstrator will be available to cleared DoD personnel at the Rheinmetall booth.

Altruity – Bringing Vision to Provisioning: Unveiled for the first time at this year’s AUSA Exhibition – Altruity is a revolutionary, real-time digital information ecosystem that brings sustainment to the forefront of the acquisition process to influence design utilising the system’s authoritative source of truth. Building and transferring data at lightning speed, without error and synchronising digital information between engineering, manufacturing, supply chain and logistics, Altruity provides more time to plan and execute successful fielding and lifecycle support. On-site demos are available upon request.

Airburst Lethality – Fight. Survive. Win: Visitors will see a range of world-class, medium calibre airburst munitions, a field of technology in which Rheinmetall specialises. The airburst munitions produce lethal effects against personnel in open and defilade positions, defeat unarmoured / lightly armoured vehicles and provide layered c-UAS defence. Rheinmetall is also leveraging its extensive systems expertise to provide high performance programmers that increase first round hit probability for airburst systems. Also on display will be the 40mm Squad Support Weapon (SSW40), the world’s first automatic, magazine-loaded, shoulder-fire grenade launcher.

Electronic Mission Systems Including Unmatched EO/IR 360° Vehicle Situational Awareness Technologies: Rheinmetall’s US electronics division, American Rheinmetall Systems, will display its broadened product portfolio. In addition to Soldier lethality systems such as laser aiming, pointing and illuminating devices and fire control systems, the company offers world-class vehicle electronic mission systems. On display at AUSA will be an interactive commander’s and gunner’s display of a TRL 9, fully integrated, modular and scalable combat vehicle system for EO/IR 360° Situational Awareness and Driver’s Vision Enhancement.

StrikeShield Active Protection System: Modular Protection with Lower Risk of Detection: Rheinmetall will demonstrate its expertise in vehicle survivability with an exhibit of StrikeShield – a hybrid active protection solution that combines active and passive protection to achieve optimal performance while minimising the vehicle’s electronic signature, system weight and power consumption.

Rheinmetall welcomes visitors to its AUSA booth to experience the Group’s offerings fitted for the Army’s future fighting force.

Skyranger on Boxer 8×8 [© Rheinmetall: Angela Blattner / Rolf Wessel]


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