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IDEB 2023 Underway in the Slovak Republic

Nexter TITUS 6x6, here in Czech Army service as the KOV MKPP, displayed externally at IDEB 2023 [© Bob Morrison]

IDEB 2023, the International Defence (and Security) Exhibition in Bratislava, is now well underway in the sunny capital of the Slovak Republic, reports Bob Morrison.


Prior commitments prevented either Carl or myself from attending the opening day of IDEB 2023, but bright and early this morning I crossed the Nový Most bridge from the historic old city to the national expo centre (Incheba) almost on the south (right) bank of the River Danube to catch up on the latest defence industry developments in this part of Europe.

The BAE Systems Hägglunds CV90120 tank-hunter version displayed internally at IDEB 2023 [© Bob Morrison]

Although not one of the larger European defence expos, IDEB has of course found itself unexpectedly in a militarily significant part of the continent and this is reflected in some of the exhibits on display this week. For 2023 the exhibition has been expanded to cover the topic of Internal Security, so there has definitely been plenty to see already. Tomorrow is promising to be just as busy as today turned out to be.

Part of the dynamic display by Slovakia’s 11th Mechanised Battalion at IDEB 2023 [© Bob Morrison]

Background research is our primary reason for attending expos like this, but I have already picked up a couple of ideas for future features and there will probably even be an unexpected Land Rover Defender story in due course… so watch this space!

The Defender Station Wagon, this one entered service in 2012, is just one of several Land Rover variants used by the Slovak Armed Forces [© Bob Morrison]


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