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Elbit Systems to Showcase at DALO Days 2023

Elbit Systems ATMOS 155mm self-propelled howitzer [Elbit press release image]

Elbit Systems will participate and showcase at the DALO Industry Days at the Ballerup Super Arena in Copenhagen on 23-24 August.


Press Release, Haifa, 22 August 2023: Elbit Systems will participate at the DALO Industry Days at the Ballerup Super Arena in Copenhagen, Denmark between 23-24 of August 2023 and showcase a variety of mature and cutting-edge solutions.

Elbit Systems will display a number of fire support systems delivered to the Danish Army, including the ATMOS 155mm artillery system, the PULS rocket launcher and the CARDOM 120mm recoiling mortar system mounted on a Danish Army Piranha 5 armoured personnel carrier.

The Company’s stand will also include next generation fire support and intelligence solutions for dismounted forces, unified Modular EW self-protection suites for Airborne and Naval applications including DIRCM and DESEAVER capabilities, ReDrone high-end C-UAS solutions, C4I, Cyber and Communications solutions as well as tactical and mini unmanned aerial systems such as the Skystriker fully autonomous loitering munition. Elbit Systems will also present the Iron Fist Active Protection Systems (APS).

Actual Systems on Display include:

  • The ATMOS (Autonomous Truck Mounted Howitzer) modular artillery system is a combat proven wheeled Howitzer solution, capable of firing all NATO-certified 155mm projectiles that has an effective range of over 40km with standard projectiles and offers extended range with Rocket-Assisted Projectiles (RAP). The ATMOS is designed for rapid deployment and operation enabling provision of fire support for a broad range of missions.
  • Elbit Systems’ PULS (Precise & Universal Launching System) launcher supports firing both free-flying rockets and precision guided rockets and missiles ranged from 12km and up to 300km. The PULS launcher is fully adaptable to existing wheeled and tracked platforms, enabling a significant reduction in maintenance and training costs.
  • The CARDOM autonomous, computerised 120 mm recoiling mortar system suitable for a variety of tracked and wheeled armoured carriers and will be displayed on the Piranha V armoured personnel carrier. The CARDOM provides accurate, effective and immediate fire support for rapid deployment units and Special Forces, as well as for infantry and artillery units. Easy and safe to operate, the CARDOM features scoot-and-shoot allowing “first round on target” within 30-60 seconds and massive firepower with a rate of fire of up to 16 rounds per minute and has a range of up to 10km. The system is easily integrated with in-service battle management systems.
  • The HattoriX next generation fire support and intelligence solution for dismounted forces is designed to shorten the sensor-to-shooter cycle while engaging fire effectively and accurately. Tailor made for customer’s specific requirements, the HattoriX enables the integration of various electro-optics, LRF, designators, C4i, radar, radio and more.
  • AION-C is an advanced, handheld lightweight day and night thermal imager with integrated laser tracking capability. AION-C is a powerful observation system with an extremely accurate Laser Rangefinder, internal GPS system, IR Pointer, Digital Magnetic Compass and IMU providing mobile target acquisition capabilities.


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