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Norway Continues NATO eFP Contribution in Lithuania

Library image of Norwegian CV90 armoured infantry fighting vehicles deployed to Lithuania on the eFP mission [© Bob Morrison]

Norwegian troops have contributed to the NATO enhanced Forward Presence (eFP) since 2017 ~ this contribution is to continue throughout 2024.


Press Release, Oslo, 11 July 2023: Since 2017, Norwegian troops have contributed to security for NATO’s eastern members as part of the Alliance’s Enhanced Forward Presence (eFP). The contribution is set to continue throughout 2024.

The Norwegian Government has decided to extend the participation of Norwegian forces in NATO’s Enhanced Forward Presence (eFP) in Lithuania until the end of 2024. Norway has participated in the eFP since it was first deployed in 2017.

The Baltic countries are our allies: On Monday 10 July, Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre and Minister of Defence Bjørn Arild Gram visited the Norwegian troops in Lithuania, ahead of the NATO Summit in the capital Vilnius.

“The Baltic countries are our allies. Our presence helps to safeguard their security. Therefore, the Government has now decided to extend the deployment of Norwegian forces in Lithuania until the end of 2024,” said Prime Minster Støre.

Library image of a Norwegian Leopard 2 main battle tank crossing a joint German and British floating bridge over the Neris River in Lithuania [© Bob Morrison]

Proud of our work: Norway currently has deployed some 150 military personnel to Lithuania. They serve as part of NATO’s Enhanced Forward Presence (eFP). Most of the Norwegian troops come from the Army’s 2nd Battalion – in addition to other departments and units in the Norwegian Brigade Nord. The current Norwegian force is the 13th since our first contribution in 2017.

“I am proud of the work being carried out by the Norwegian forces in Lithuania. The decision to extend the participation of Norwegian troops when there is an ongoing war in Europe is not a decision the Government takes lightly”, the Prime Minister said, adding: “But we know that this is an important operation and that our contribution is valuable. Sharing knowledge and experience serves to enhance both our own Armed Forces and NATO.”

One of our most important: NATO has deployed a total of roughly 1,600 military personnel in Lithuania, following the reinforcement of troops in 2022.

Minister of Defence, Bjørn Arild Gram, described this as one of Norway’s most important military contributions to the international community now. “It is also the largest number of personnel we are providing abroad. I am very pleased we can extend this deployment until the end of 2024”, Mr Gram said.

Library image of elite Norwegian Sniper Spotters deployed to Lithuania on the eFP mission [© Bob Morrison]

Multi-national force: The eFP consists of four multinational battalion-size battle groups based in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Poland. The Norwegian contribution is part of a German-led multinational battalion in Lithuania.

The Norwegian force is based at a Lithuanian garrison in the town of Rukla, some 90 km north-west of the capital Vilnius. The Norwegians train and exercise together with soldiers from Germany, Belgium, Czechia, the Netherlands, and the host country Lithuania.


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