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Saab Participating at FEINDEF 2023 in Madrid

Scale model of ARTHUR on BOXER displayed at FEINDEF 2023 [© Bob Morrison]

Saab has been participating in the third edition of FEINDEF (the International Defence and Security Fair of Spain) from 17 to 19 May in Madrid.


Press Release, Linköping, 17 May 2023: Saab, a multinational company that provides the global market with world-leading products, services and solutions, from military defence in all its fields to civil security, will participate in the III edition of the International Defence and Security Fair of Spain (FEINDEF), from 17 to 19 May in Ifema (Madrid). The company, which will have its own stand, is showing its high-tech defence solutions at the sector’s leading trade fair.

Artillery Hunting Radar ARTHUR: This weapon location system, an acronym for Artillery Hunting Radar, is capable of rapidly detecting and tracking in-flight artillery shells, such as howitzers or mortars, and calculating the points of origin and impact in sectors or areas of interest on the battlefield. With a range of twenty to forty kilometres and an accuracy of ten to thirty metres, ARTHUR can discriminate projectiles in flight and handle multiple targets simultaneously, making it a particularly powerful asset when deployed close to the forward line of one’s troops. This highly mobile radar, which gives armies freedom of manoeuvre and allows rapid counter-fire to avoid any threat, is currently operational in twelve countries, including Spain, Norway, Sweden, the Czech Republic, South Korea, Italy, Greece and the United Kingdom.

Scale model of ARTHUR on BOXER displayed at FEINDEF 2023 [© Bob Morrison]

Seabed Operations: Dependence on subsea infrastructure has increased on a global scale. The recent years have demonstrated the need to protect subsea infrastructure. Countries all over the world are investing in their deep-water capacity. Subsea operations face a wide range of challenges that call for underwater vehicles with multi-role capacities and cutting-edge technology. Saab’s Sabertooth is a very powerful but lightweight inspection, maintenance and repair platform. With deep water capability, long excursion range, advanced AUV functionality and six degrees of freedom, Sabertooth is just one example of Saab’s pioneering spirit in action. Further ROVs in the domain of Seabed Operations are MuMNS and Sea Wasp. Thanks to its small size and footprint, its manoeuvrability, and its relatively low weight, the subsea system Sea Wasp is perfectly designed to meet any challenge. The remotely launched MuMNS system delivers unparalleled operational capability with greater flexibility that significantly improves operational tempo, and reduces the cost of MCM operations.

Ground Combat: Saab is continuously developing high-tech solutions capable of meeting the armed forces’ needs on the battlefield. Taking into account factors such as firepower, flexibility and ease of operation, the Swedish company will show some of its most advanced systems in FEINDEF, such as:-

  • The man-portable, multi-purpose weapon system provides soldiers in all environments with high tactical flexibility and the effectiveness they need to take out the enemy before they can react. The latest evolution, the M4, offers even greater speed and manoeuvrability. Compatibility with an advanced fire control system and programmable 84 mm ammunition ensures that troops can rely on their equipment.
  • NLAW: The Next generation Light Anti-tank Weapon eliminates even the most advanced tanks. It is the best in its class for forces operating in all environments, including built-up areas. With selectable Overfly Top Attack (OTA) against armoured targets and Direct Attack (DA) for non-armoured opponents and troops inside buildings, NLAW fires perfectly in confined spaces.

Training & Simulation: Multinational training between allied and partnering nations is a key topic among all NATO members. Interoperable training capabilities at brigade and joint level is being given greater focus in order to ensure effective learning to be prepared for current and future threats. Interoperability, fidelity, modularity and scalability are key components of excellent simulation training. Saab supports the progression from individual to collective training, up to and beyond brigade level. With extensive expertise and leading products in the field of live training and simulation, including in the virtual domain, Saab offers the most reliable and realistic training and simulation systems worldwide. Saab has developed and maintained enduring close relationships with many NATO countries and operates in accordance with prescribed NATO recommendations.


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