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Rheinmetall Showcases At Avalon Air Show

Rheinmetall Lynx KF41 [© Rheinmetall]

Rheinmetall, the largest supplier of military vehicles to the Australian Defence Force will this week showcase at the Avalon Air Show.


Press Release, Düsseldorf, 28 February 2023: Rheinmetall, the largest supplier of military vehicles to the Australian Defence Force, will this week showcase two of the most advanced and highly capable next generation armoured vehicles, the LYNX Infantry Fighting Vehicle along with the LYNX Combat Support Vehicle at Avalon Air Show.

The LYNX Infantry Fighting Vehicle along with the LYNX Combat Support Vehicle will also be showcased with the autonomous Mission Master and Rheinmetall will showcase the interoperability between the vehicles and an integration soldier solution.

LYNX is a next generation tracked, digitised and highly protected Infantry Fighting Vehicle, setting unmatched levels of survivability, mobility, lethality, knowledge and growth. It is fitted with the Rheinmetall LANCE turret for precise and superior firepower and offers an integrated battle management system for enhanced battlefield situational awareness and integration into a combined arms capability.

Rheinmetall KF41 Lynx demonstrator at Eurosatory 2018 [© Bob Morrison]

The LYNX’s LANCE turret; already in manufacture for the Australian Boxer Combat Reconnaissance programme and an export customer, provides high degrees of commonality and interoperability for the soldier. Allowing rapid transition across platforms, a common LANCE turret would simplify Army’s training system and reduce in-service support costs, providing the customer with tangible benefits from day one. The commonality between the LYNX Combat Support Vehicle and LYNX Infantry Fighting Vehicle provides efficiencies and ease of use for armed forces around the world, engineered to deliver multi-functional capability as a

The LYNX Combat Support Vehicle is engineered to deliver multifunctional capability as a Royal Australian Electrical Mechanical Engineers asset. The vehicle features additional onboard fuel capacity to support refuelling other vehicles in the field; a roof top mounted crane capable of lifting more than five tonnes, twin winches allowing it to recover other vehicles utilising the winches and earth anchor dozer blade, interchangeable power pack; and excavation attachments including a clam shell bucket and rock breaker. Designed for close combat operations, the extensive family of LYNX vehicles is modular and is easily configurable for the required role. The LYNX family of vehicles can generate more than 10 roles providing customers with flexibility and options, with a level of utility like a Swiss Army knife.

Rheinmetall Mission Master supporting British and american troops in an urban setting [© Bob Morrison]

Also on interactive display is a fully functional Integrated Soldier System capability with the Mission Master modular autonomous unmanned ground vehicle. The vehicle can be used for reconnaissance and surveillance operations and increase operational effectiveness for the soldier on the ground. Rheinmetall is committed to maximum operational safety at all times, keeping a human in the loop in all kinetic operations.

Rheinmetall has delivered end-to-end ISS support to global customers since 2006, including managing the introduction of new technology through the German Bundeswehr Future Solider (IdZ-ES) programme.

Rheinmetall IdZ-ES Gen3 [© Rheinmetall]

With the support of Australia’s leading small-to-medium Defence enterprises, Rheinmetall has developed the strong global expertise and local skills to deliver exceptional Australian developed and supported soldier systems solutions. More than 130 Australian organisations support Rheinmetall local operations as part of the company’s Australian industry network, employing thousands of Australians who are growing a sovereign military vehicle industry with major export programmes underway.

Rheinmetall Defence Australia’s Lynx Infantry Fighting Vehicle is one of two tenders currently under consideration as part of the Australian Department of Defence’s Infantry Fighting Vehicle project (LAND 400 Phase 3).


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