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WFEL To Showcase Dual-Use Military Equipment at IDEX

[© WFEL: Philipp Schmidli]

WFEL is to showcase dual-use military equipment at IDEX 2023 in Abu Dhabi, co-exhibiting with colleagues from NEXTER and KMW.


Press Release, Stockport, 14 February 2023: At next week’s IDEX Exhibition (20-24 February, Abu Dhabi) WFEL will showcase its DSB Dry Support Bridge, the world’s most technically advanced, rapidly deployable military bridge of its type; a 46m bridge can be constructed by a crew of 8 in under 90 minutes. With its Military Load Classification (MLC) of 120, this bridging system allows the heaviest of military vehicles to cross both wet and dry gaps.

The current growing state of readiness for many militaries around the world, combined with greater involvement of the military in support of natural disasters which have occurred in recent times, illustrates the strategic importance of the dual-role capabilities of WFEL’s bridging systems.

WFEL’s rapidly deployable bridging systems provide temporary infrastructure and have the potential to be used both in combat situations and natural disasters, greatly enhancing an Army’s capability to quickly manoeuvre across physical terrain as complex as rivers, ravines and man-made gaps.

WFEL DSB Bridge Launcher on RMMV chassis [via WFEL]

Already procured by the US, Australian, Turkish, Swiss and Philippines armed forces, WFEL’s DSB Dry Support Bridge is the longest non-reinforced bridge of its class anywhere in the world. Using an innovative launching mechanism, the system is versatile and can be adapted to fit to a variety of host vehicles commonly used by armed forces, including RMMV Rheinmetall MAN 10 x 10 fully armoured military vehicles, in response to the increasing threats faced by armed forces in today’s ever more complex military scenarios.

WFEL will be located on the NEXTER booth, co-exhibiting with our colleagues from NEXTER and KMW.


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