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Biden Additional Security Assistance for Ukraine

US Army M1 Abrams MBT on a joint US-POL armoured battle run, Drawsko Pomorskie, Poland, August 2020 [©Bob Morrison]

The Biden Administration in the United States today announced additional Security Assistance for Ukraine including 31 Abrams main battle tanks.


For Immediate Release, Washington DC, 25 January 2023: Today, the Department of Defense (DoD) announces the procurement of Abrams tanks for Ukraine via the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative (USAI), to support Ukraine’s defence against Russian aggression.

This USAI package underscores the continued U.S. commitment to building the capacity of Ukraine’s Armed Forces, now and into the future. Unlike Presidential Drawdown authority (PDA), which DoD has continued to leverage to deliver equipment to Ukraine from DoD stocks at a historic pace, USAI is an authority under which the United States procures new capabilities. This $400 million USAI package represents the beginning of a contracting process to provide additional capabilities to Ukraine.

The capabilities in this package include:

  • 31 Abrams tanks with 120mm rounds and other ammunition;
  • Eight Tactical Vehicles to recover equipment;
  • Support vehicles and equipment;
  • Funding for training, maintenance, and sustainment.

Alongside the battalion of Abrams tanks provided by the United States, a European consortium is committing to provide two battalions of Leopard tanks to Ukraine in the near term. The United States will continue to work with our Allies and partners to meet Ukraine’s battlefield needs to counter Russian aggression and ensure the continued freedom and independence of the Ukrainian people.

In total, the United States has now committed more than $27.8 billion in security assistance to Ukraine since the beginning of the Biden Administration. Since 2014, the United States has committed more than $29.9 billion in security assistance to Ukraine and more than $27.1 billion since the beginning of Russia’s unprovoked and brutal invasion on February 24, 2022.

US Army 3rd Battalion, 66th Armor Regiment ‘Burt’s Knights’ of the 1st Armored Brigade Combat Team (ABCT) M1A2 SEP (V2) Abrams main battle tank in Europe [© Carl Schulze]


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