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HIMARS Demonstrated In Estonia

US Army HIMARS in Estonia [© Estonian Defence Forces: n-srs Karl Heinrich Arras]

A US Army HIMARS multiple rocket launcher of the type which will enter the arsenal of the Estonian Forces next year has been demonstrated at Tapa.


Press Release, Tallinn, 06 January 2023: [auto-translated] The HIMARS multiple rocket launcher of the United States, which will enter the arsenal of the Estonian Forces next year, demonstrated its capabilities today at the Tapa military campus.

US Army HIMARS in Estonia [© Estonian Defence Forces: n-srs Karl Heinrich Arras]

“As you know, Estonia has also acquired the HIMARS indirect fire system, which will arrive in Estonia in the next few years. Therefore, we are particularly pleased that the Americans have already sent their HIMARS unit to Estonia to strengthen NATO’s eastern wing. Undoubtedly, the HIMARS M142 multiple rocket launcher is one of the most modern, perhaps even the most modern indirect fire systems, and it is key for us that the United States sees the entire project as a long-term regional solution, within the framework of which Latvia and Lithuania will also acquire the system,” said Minister of Defence Hanno Pevkur.

“The imminent deployment of HIMARS means a significant increase in firepower in Estonia’s defence posture and will have a strategic effect,” said Lieutenant General Martin Herem, head of the defence forces. “The current transfer of the HIMARS system to Estonia will significantly increase Estonia’s firepower and allow the Estonian Defence Forces to practice the use of HIMARS here, because defending Estonia is best practised in Estonia. And for us as a defence force, it’s extremely important that our key allies in the form of United States units know the terrain here and our units know each other’s procedures in order to be ready to respond quickly if necessary.”

“I am honoured to be here in connection with Estonia’s procurement of HIMARS multiple rocket launchers,” said Maj. Gen. Stephen J. Maranian, commander of the 56th Artillery Command, US Forces Europe and Africa. “Estonia is an excellent ally, which once again expresses a clear commitment to our collective defence Estonia’s leadership in supporting Ukraine with military and humanitarian aid deserves praise. The United States is proud to be Estonia’s partner in procuring these modern indirect fire weapons. With their help, the Estonian Defence Forces will become even more capable and better able to protect both their own country and the entire alliance,” added Major General Maranian.

Last December, the National Defence Investment Center (RKIK) signed an agreement with the United States’ Defence Cooperation Agency (DSCA) for the procurement of HIMARS multiple missile systems, which is an important capability development in the development of Estonia’s indirect fire capability. The manufacturer of the weapon system is Lockheed Martin, and the total cost of the contract is over 200 million dollars.

The weapon procurement project for the HIMARS multiple rocket launcher is Estonia’s largest ever. As part of this, Estonia will procure six HIMARS multiple missile systems and, in addition to the weapon system, also ammunition, communication solutions, training, logistics and life cycle solutions. The package includes missiles with different effects, the range of which is from 70 to 300 kilometres. In addition to Estonia, also the HIMARS multiple missile system has been acquired by Latvia and Lithuania.

US Army HIMARS in Estonia [© Estonian Defence Forces: n-srs Karl Heinrich Arras]

Technical specifications:-

  • Weight: 16,250 kg
  • Length: 7m
  • Width: 2.4m
  • Height: 3.2m
  • Team: 3 people
  • Maximum driving speed: 85 km/h
  • Driving range: 480 km
  • Getting ready to fire: 2 minutes
  • Firing distance: 70-300 km depending on the ammunition
  • The new generation PrSM munition with a range of 499 km can be used


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