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US Marines Amphibious Logistics Support in Finland

US Marines working alongside Finnish Defence Forces [© NATO Multimedia]

US Marines brought their amphibious logistics skills to Finland for a three-month deployment ~ the longest yet for the US troops in the country.


US Marines from the 2nd Marine Logistics Group are wrapping up a 3-month stay in Finland, the longest deployment yet for the US military’s amphibious branch in the country.

During their stay in southern Finland, the US Marines provided logistical support to the Finnish Navy’s Nyland Brigade, a conscript unit that focuses on amphibious operations. Setting up shop at the brigade’s headquarters in Dragsvik, the Marines learned how to integrate their operations with the Finnish forces, who are experts at navigating the island-dense archipelago off the country’s southern shore. The Marines also took part in FREEZING WINDS 22, one of the biggest maritime exercises ever organised in Finland, an intensive training scenario that saw the Marines provide around-the-clock support to their Finnish counterparts.

[© NATO Multimedia]

A long-time NATO partner, Finland is applying for full membership following Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Deployments like this help the Finnish forces familiarise themselves with Allied tactics and techniques as they prepare to accede to the Alliance.

This NATO Multimedia footage, filmed 29 November and released 08 December, includes shots of US Marines conducting aerial and ground logistics operations as part of Exercise FREEZING WINDS 22, and Finnish conscripts engaging in simulated firefights, as well as interviews with US Marine Corps and Finnish Navy officers.

Shot list:-

  • 00:00 ~ US Marine conducting gear inspection
  • 00:14 ~ Marine getting into truck
  • 00:16 ~ Truck moving out
  • 00:21 ~ Truck convoy moving out
  • 00:45 ~ US Marines practising sling-load helicopter resupply operations with Finnish Navy NH90 utility helicopter
  • 01:21 ~ US Marines and Finnish troops practising sling-load helicopter resupply operations with Finnish Navy NH90 utility helicopter
  • 01:38 ~ US Marines practising aerial resupply with Finnish Air Force Casa C-295 transport aircraft
  • 02:10 ~ Finnish Navy Jehu-class and Jurmo-class landing craft landing Finnish troops and US Marines during exercise FREEZING WINDS 22
  • 02:26 ~ Finnish troops moving out during exercise
  • 02:43 ~ US Marines moving out
  • 02:53 ~ Finnish soldier talking on radio
  • 03:03 ~ Finnish troops engaging in simulated firefight
  • 03:39 ~ Finnish soldier reloading rifle
  • 03:43 ~ Finnish soldier pointing
  • 03:47 ~ soundbite – US Marine Corps Captain Michael Roeske, Company Commander, Combat Logistics Battalion 6
  • 04:03 ~ soundbite – Captain Michael Roeske
  • 04:19 ~ soundbite – Captain Michael Roeske
  • 05:03 ~ soundbite – Captain Michael Roeske
  • 05:19 soundbite – Lieutenant Colonel Emmaline Hill, Commander, Combat Logistics Battalion 8, US Marine Corps
  • 05:49 ~ soundbite – Captain Juha Kilpi, Commander, Nyland Brigade, Finnish Navy
  • 06:06 ~ soundbite – Captain Juha Kilpi
  • 06:31 ~ soundbite – Captain Juha Kilpi


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