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INEOS Automotive Débuts Grenadier Quartermaster

INEOS Grenadier Quartermaster double-cap pick-up [INEOS Automotive press release image]

The All-New INEOS Grenadier Quartermaster and hydrogen fuelled Grenadier Demonstrator make their global début at Goodwood Festival of Speed.


Press Release, London, 13 July 2023: [embargoed until 11:00] The All-New INEOS Grenadier Quartermaster makes its global début at this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Developed and built alongside the Grenadier Station Wagon, the all-new double cab pick-up delivers the same uncompromising off-road capability and dependability as its stablemate. Lynn Calder CEO INEOS Automotive said, “I think it is a great looking vehicle, it is truly rugged and unbeatable off-road.”

INEOS Grenadier Quartermaster double-cap pick-up [INEOS Automotive press release image]

While the Grenadier Quartermaster shares most of its architecture and components with the Station Wagon, its strong and rigid box-section ladder frame chassis is 305mm longer. This results in a large and versatile load bay, 1,564mm long and 1,619mm wide, that is large enough to carry a standard 1,200mm x 800mm Euro pallet with ease.

With a payload of 760kg, the same 3,500kg towing capacity as the Grenadier Station Wagon, and a wide range of accessories available, the Grenadier Quartermaster is capable of carrying five people and their bulkiest of loads. Its everyday cargo-lugging versatility is assured by four tie-down rings in the load space (Utility Rails optional), a 400W power take-off, an integrated mounting bar, and a wide 1,280mm tailgate that can support up to 225kg when open.

INEOS Grenadier Quartermaster loadbed [INEOS Automotive press release image]

Like the Station Wagon, the pick-up is powered by BMW 3.0-litre turbo-charged inline six-cylinder petrol and diesel engines and eight-speed ZF automatic transmission. A centre differential lock and a two-speed transfer case are fitted as standard (front and rear diff locks are optional). The Grenadier Quartermaster also rides on the same heavy-duty five-link front and rear suspension, and is fitted with Carraro-supplied solid beam axles complemented by powerful Brembo brakes and a recirculating ball steering system.

INEOS Grenadier Quartermaster double-cap pick-up [INEOS Automotive press release image]

The Grenadier Quartermaster boasts class-leading off-road ability, with 264mm of ground clearance, an 800mm wading depth and approach, breakover and departure angles unrivalled by any other series production pick-up. The model line-up will mirror that of the Station Wagon and is available in standard, Trialmaster and Fieldmaster trim, all of which carry the commercial N1 vehicle classification in the EU.

Quartermaster will be available with a wide range of tailored accessories for drivers looking to customise it to their specific needs. Its cargo bay can be fitted with a robust frame and waterproof canvas canopy or a lockable roller tonneau cover, while a roof rack further increases carrying capacity and can host a wide range of mounts to carry expedition essentials such as jerry cans, sand ladders and shovels.


INEOS Grenadier Quartermaster double-cap pick-up and Grenadier Station Wagon
[INEOS Automotive press release image]

INEOS Automotive Débuts Hydrogen Fuelled Grenadier

Hydrogen-powered INEOS Grenadier Station Wagon FCEV [INEOS Automotive press release image]

Press Release, London, 13 July 2023: [embargoed until 11:00] INEOS Automotive’s hydrogen fuelled Grenadier Demonstrator makes its global début at this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed. The 4×4 emits nothing but water vapour and demonstrates INEOS’s belief that hydrogen is a key fuel of the future.

The hydrogen Grenadier Demonstrator is identical to the production Grenadier apart from a bonnet power bulge to accommodate the additional height of the fuel cell, but this would not be present in a production model. Lynn Calder, CEO, INEOS Automotive, says: “The hydrogen powered Grenadier Demonstrator is an extraordinary vehicle, capable of doing everything a conventionally powered Grenadier can do but with zero emissions. It shows INEOS’s determination to make supremely capable cars that will help us reach net zero.”

The project to develop a hydrogen fuelled Grenadier began in June 2022, when the business partnered with Austrian engineering supplier/powertrain consultancy, AVL, to develop the current vehicle with a clear ambition – zero emissions with no compromise to the 4×4 experience. The 4×4 uses BMW Group’s latest hydrogen fuel cell, zero-emissions powertrain, considered the most advanced and powerful in the automotive sector.

The flexibility of the Grenadier platform allowed INEOS Automotive engineers to integrate the zero emissions powertrain by modifying the ladder frame and rear axle, accommodating the electric drive units to deliver true torque vectoring drive control to each rear wheel. The capabilities of torque vectoring result in what INEOS calls ‘gecko capability’ – outstanding control and manoeuvrability in all off-road conditions, as well as a tighter turning circle and enhanced on-road driving dynamics.

To get to this point, the hydrogen Grenadier Demonstrator has undergone rigorous testing to ensure there has been no compromise to its on- and off-road capabilities or towing capacities. Like the other versions of the Grenadier, the demonstrator has conquered the notorious trails of the Austrian mountains and the various off-road challenges around Graz.

Lynn Calder, CEO, INEOS Automotive, says: “The hydrogen powered Grenadier Demonstrator along with our all-electric model due in 2026, shows INEOS commitment to net zero. BEVs are perfect for certain uses, shorter trips, most private car journeys and urban deliveries, whilst Hydrogen FCEVs are more suited for longer trips, heavy duty cycles where batteries impact too much on payload and where long range between stops is necessary.

“INEOS also produces 400,000 tonnes of hydrogen per annum and is committed to hydrogen as a key fuel of the future. Our demonstrator proves that the technology is capable, but what we need now is support from policy makers to help provide the infrastructure for the next generation of hydrogen vehicles.”

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