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International Armoured Vehicles 2024 ~ Updated

AJAX prototype at IAV 2020 [© Bob Morrison]

It is with much regret we have to announce that JOINT-FORCES will not be attending International Armoured Vehicles 2024 in London.


17 [updated 20] January 2024: It is with much regret we have to confirm that, even though we have attended and promoted every IAV London event since JOINT-FORCES stepped into the breach left by the sudden closure of COMBAT & SURVIVAL Magazine in 2018, we will not be attending this year’s International Armoured Vehicles 2024 conference and exhibition in London .

Background: On Tuesday 16th, less than a week before the event was scheduled to commence, we were informed our press registration (submitted 23rd October) could not be processed becaused “numbers are very tight this year”. Curiously, the following evening the Organisers advertised “This is your last chance to book” on social media, giving a 17:00 on 19 January cut-off for registration which suggests attendee numbers could not have been that tight.

FOXHOUND Public Order Vehicle at IAV 2019 [© Bob Morrison]

We apologise to our readership, and also to those defence manufacturers & suppliers who were expecting us to visit their exhibition stands &/or their displays in the reintroduced Vehicle Zone, but our absence is regrettably outwith our control.

Our thanks to our friends at other defence media outlets, both UK and overseas, who have offered to provide material for us from IAV. However as this is a private event and the organisers do not wish JOINT-FORCES.com to provide news coverage it would not be right for us to ignore their wishes.

Dutch specification BOXER with Engineer module at IAV 2018 [© Bob Morrison]


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