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ARES and AJAX deployed with 1 DRS Brigade Combat Team on Exercise SCORPION CYCLONE [© Bob Morrison]

Both ARES and AJAX have broken cover on Exercise SCORPION CYCLONE, deployed as part of the new UK 1st Deep Recce Strike BCT, reports Bob Morrison.


From last week through into October, a force package of around 1300 troops drawn from 1st Deep Recce Strike (DRS) Brigade Combat Team (BCT) is deployed on Salisbury Plain on SCORPION CYCLONE as an element of the UK Warfighting Division’s Exercise IRON TITAN. The programme sees the 1 DRS BCT package, which involves around a quarter of its personnel, deployed in a fully tactical scenario to exercise the UK’s recce-strike complex for the first time in the field.

DRS Brigade Main ~ we were allowed inside to observe but on security grounds were unable to take interior photos [© Bob Morrison]

JOINT-FORCES was invited to visit the 1 DRS BCT today at three locations across the ‘The Plain’ for briefings, to see both AJAX and ARES (static and moving) deployed with the Household Cavalry Regiment, and to watch an MLRS live fire mission. Regrettably the weather conditions were absolutely atrocious for photography ~ at the end of the day only my socks were dry, because my ALTBERG boots did their job while my waterproofs let me down ~ so please don’t expect too many illustrations in my follow-on report on the new brigade in a couple of days’ time. Sorry 🙁

1st Deep Recce Strike Brigade flash [© Bob Morrison]


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