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Ukrainian Tank Crews Arrive In UK For Training

Library image from 2019 of a Ukrainian tank crew rearming a T-72 during a training exercise [© Bob Morrison]

On late Sunday morning (29th) the UK MoD posted on a social media to announce that Ukrainian tank crews have arrived in the UK for training.


It is hinted at, but not actually stated, on Twitter and Linkedin accounts that these Ukrainian soldiers are in the UK to train up on the recently promised Challenger 2 tanks ~ see UK DefSec Oral Statement On War In Ukraine.

At time of publication, around 90 minutes later, no formal press release on this subject has yet been issued and no images have been circulated by Whitehall but if / when the MoD press office gets around to issuing either or both through the usual channels we will update this page… if the topic is still newsworthy.


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