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Omnia Training ~ Rheinmetall Joins Forces For UK CTTP

Library image of British Army personnel in the Copehill Down training facility [© Bob Morrison]

Omnia Training ~ Rheinmetall joins forces with Raytheon UK, Capita, Cervus, and Improbable Defence for the British Army’s CTTP.


Press Release, Düsseldorf, 24 November 2022: Rheinmetall together with Capita, Cervus, Improbable Defence, has joined the Raytheon UK led team Omnia Training. Omnia Training is an industrial team that will be bidding to become the Strategic Training Partner for the British Army’s Collective Training Transformation Programme (CTTP).

The CTTP will deliver the Future Collective Training System (FCTS) – a technology-enabled training system that will serve as a surrogate for warfare. It will provide the British Army with the capability to better replicate the complexity of the modern battlefield in training, giving the army the ability to train globally whenever and wherever it needs to. Utilising technologies from synthetic training environments to state-of-the-art data and connectivity solutions, the CTTP will enable the British Army to better prepare soldiers and commanders for operations to ensure the security of the United Kingdom. The CTTP is expected to start in 2025 and valued at £1.2bn (€1.4 bn) over 15 years.

Library image of British Army personnel operationally deployed in the Baltic Region [© Bob Morrison]

Omnia Training’s expertise spans complex programme management, enterprise transformation, collective synthetic training, digital platforms and data exploitation. It will work in collaboration with the British Army to transform collective training and prepare soldiers for future challenging operational scenarios by creating realistic multi-domain environments.

The Raytheon UK led team includes world class training transformation companies that will provide unrivalled expertise to deliver the Strategic Training Partner role for CTTP.

Jeff Lewis, chief executive of Raytheon UK said: “We are bringing together a team that has collaboration and innovation at its heart. Omnia Training embraces modern training technologies and methodologies that enhances the common training experience and is focused on delivering better training outcomes for the soldier and commander.

“At the heart of our collaborative approach will be the exploitation of data and connectivity across multiple training technologies. This combination will enable us to deliver a truly flexible and cutting-edge training environment and will help prepare the Army for a range of scenarios that have traditionally been difficult to create on a training ground.”

Library image of British Army personnel field training for desert operations [© Bob Morrison]

The CTTP’s Strategic Training Partner will assume responsibility for the existing Army collective training system and infrastructure to deliver collective training, then work collaboratively with the Army to transform this into a fully integrated, flexible training solution and be responsible for continuously improving new army training capabilities.

Richard Holroyd, managing director of Capita Defence, Fire and Security, said: “We are incredibly proud of our track record in delivering technology-enabled, transformational training services for our Defence customers, which is already helping the UK’s Armed Forces to get better trained people to the frontline, faster.

“Omnia Training brings together an unparalleled team of expert partners with well-established relationships. We’re excited to be part of this collaboration and stand ready to deliver transformed collective training for the British Army.”

Alan Roan, managing director of Cervus, said: “It is refreshing that a small, medium enterprise like Cervus has been asked to be part of this exceptional team and we think that this is exactly what the CTTP customer has been asking for. We have watched the potential STP partners for several years, through the market engagement process, and have been gently testing their behaviours.

“Raytheon UK stood out as an organisation that always listened and treated us with a level of professional respect so, when they asked us to join the team, we leapt at this opportunity. A truly collaborative environment has been created within Omnia Training, where each team member can excel on what they do best and, for Cervus, this means providing soldiers with the game-changing exploitation of their training data”.

Joe Robinson, CEO at Improbable Defence, said: “Improbable Defence is delighted to be Omnia Training’s strategic synthetic integrator and proud to be among team members with deep experience in transforming defence capability and superb reputations for collaboration. With a mindset for innovation, we are renowned for our agile responses to user needs and delivering world-leading synthetics. Our track record is one of embracing new technologies and accelerating their provision into the hands of front line users.

“As a member of Omnia Training we will bring our expertise in rapid, flexible, low-risk development of a new class of synthetics, that embraces the best of industry, in order to deliver to the British Army the adaptive and ground-breaking collective training system they need to win on the battlefields of the future.”

Richard Streeter, Managing Director, Rheinmetall Electronics UK Ltd. Said: “The Omnia Training team brings together a group of companies with significant depth of expertise and credibility as the Strategic Training Partner for the UK Army to deliver the CTTP programme successfully. This programme represents a huge shift and modernisation to the approach of training the UK Armed Forces. With Rheinmetall’s global footprint and decades of managing complex synthetics design, integration and training capability delivery, we are delighted to be contributing to this fantastic Transformational Programme and addressing the challenges in the CTTP for the future UK Army”


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